Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bits & Bobs this week :)

My cross ring arrived from Dainty Dolly Mix today :) You can find her stuff here:

It's so nice and it's cheaper than most ones you'll find out and about or online at the moment, it's £6. Also adjustable so I can fit it to both my fingers which is PERRRRFECT for me because my fingers are between sizes! I would highly recommend all Dainty Dolly Mix's stuff, As you may have seen in a previous post I purchased my Scrabble Ring from her :) 

I also got this which arrived yesterday, Purchased it on eBay for £11, It's the 10ml version of Benefit's Garden of Good & Eva. I love this perfume SOOO much, it proper sticks to my skin so it keeps the fragrance all day, It's a very spring inspired perfume I thing and is the cutest little bottle too! 

I bought this Garnier 2 in 1 Make-up remover on superdrug a few days ago, Just because it was the only 2 in 1 eye & face make-up remover on there as I normally use L'Oreal face wipes, and they never seem to take off my make-up fully, which I think is making me break out a lot. I was a bit worried about buying this, I bought it online, and I have such sensitive skin I just thought when it arrived it was just going to irritate it! But it didn't! It's soo perfect for my skin, Literally just feels like water, takes off alllllll of my waterproof mascara aswell with just one swipe, and keeps my skin super soft. 5/5, definately! It was reduced in the sale from I think about £3.50 ish to £1.49! 

Ok so this looks like a mess a bit but it's cause I love it so much i've destroyed it by using it all the time haha! I purchased this from elf probably about a week or two weeks ago now, It's the ELF Eyebrow Kit in Ash and it's £3.50. It's a really awesome product & has completely replaced my eyebrow pencil, on the left you have the eyebrow gel which you put on with the angled end of the two sided brush to define the brows, and the on the right you have the powder which you use with the blending end of the brush to set the colour and fill in any gaps. it's really good & gives such a natural but really defined look, It comes in 4 colours from Ash to Dark Brown. A+! 

To add a bit more to my ELF collection I got the Elf Stipple Brush that every is talking about, for my blush and contouring. I DEFINATELY understand what everyone it saying about this brush! the bristles feel so silky soft and the shape of it when you look of it front on actually has a diamond sort of angled shape so it's really good for contouring. I love this! 

and the last bit of ELF i've got for you guys is the ELF cream eyeliner with angled brush. I've never had anything like this before but it is really awesome, I thought it was going to be so difficult to do the winged eye look with a brush and gel but it is actually BETTER, the eyeliner takes to the brush very very easily so I was a bit shocked on how thick it went on when I tried it for the first time! I love the brush that comes with it which is why I decided to get this one and not some of the other cream eyeliner's out there, because it's angled it does the wing eye perfectly, this was only £3.50 and it's my dupe for Mac's fluidline liner, considering you get the brush included too it's an aaaaaaaamazing price! 

I've already shown you guys this but this is the Sleek Contour Kit in Light, Just thought I'd show a pic of what it looks like inside, Again, I apologize for what a mess of it I've made already! I love this stuff, after using it the past week it drastically makes my chubby hamster cheeks look smaller and more defined so I love this! 

Yeeeeees so I got the Pink version of this Primark top, As you've already seen in my previous blog, & I loved it SOOO much I decided to get the Grey version from the same Seller on ebay! It's a bit big so it looks more oversized than the other one as she only had one size left of the grey! But I love it and the colour is very me! 

Last thing left is the Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo, This RRP's at £5.20 ish but I got this on eBay for £3 !  This arrived today but I tried it out tonight after seeing good ratings for this on & I have to agree with this ratings, After the first night I already feel a difference, It feels really nice just PUTTING it on the hair and the smell is loooovely, Thinking of buying the conditioner next! 

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