Friday, 4 March 2011

Greetings, world of blogging!

Ok so I decided to start this little blog. for like stuff i enjoy and other people may possibly enjoy tooooo aha. so lets starttttt.

The topic of my day today will be:

Today  I went shopping and purchased some things which are a necessity to any girls life, me thinksssss. :3

I bought things like underwear and stuff but went crazy in the accessory department,

I bought 2 headbands, one with a cutesie bow :3

as shown here:

If you would like to know where i purchased this wonderful item it was from primark for £1.50. Bargain!!!

and another hairband, which i think is SERIOUSLY an amazing invention.

It's called a wired head scarf, so it's pretty much specifically made so people can do the whole tied up at the front bandana thing 50's housewife style!

Here's a few pics:

Here it is off ^^^^^^

and here's a rough pic of me with it on. te he!

So it is amazing! It basically has a little piece of bendable wire under the material so you can bend it in different ways and you can keep the two little sticky out pointy bits at the top in the same position, i hope you can see my amazement :P This was also £1.50 from primarni!

I am amused so easily! haha.

I also got some funky jewellery, one of which was a 3 set of earrings from H&M, They also sell them on their website for the same price as in store (but ofc you have to pay for postage so it's probably better to buy something else with it to get your moneys worth as the earrings are only £3.99!)

Here's a pic:

And they also do these in white, which i originally saw on Fashion Guru, Beauty Crush's youtube channel!, But the brown suit my hairtone alot better, being blonde and all!

I also got 2 pairs of earrings from primark when i went there, these MASSIVE dangly drop earrings, they're like oval hoops and then at the bottom they have dangling droplets like pearls and goldy flower shaped thingys! so i like them :) and some nude pink coloured feather primarni earrings! love my feathers at the mo!!!

And quickly when I was about to rush out of primark I managed to quickly grab a little black mini skirt, pretty much a strapless top but i just wear them as skirts ! haha easy peasy!

And then some random top from H&M to go under a top i got the other day so yeah that's not as interesting but i thought i'd let ya know ;) haha.

But more than anything I would definately recommend the wired headbands! Work of genius, Looking into finding some more cheapy ones in ebay or something :P

Look of the day pic I accidentally deleted earlier so i'll post a picture of moiii and how I looked today!

:) Night Night!


  1. yay! I'm the 1st to say welcome :)
    Love your purchases hun x

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  2. love the blog babe!

    newest follower :D
    xoxo Effy