Friday, 4 March 2011

I love my cloud nines!

I recently purchased some Cloud Nine Straightener's after researching them by youtube reviews and their website and I'm so glad I decided to go ahead with buying them!

They are £129.95 so a bit more pricey than GHD's but they are actually made by the creators of the first ever pair of GHD's! Which is pretty cool!

The box is incredibleeee! It opens up in a really awkward way which me being myself would think is awesome!

You can purchase the straightener's in a normal iron size, wide iron, or a mini travel iron. I purchased the normal one as my hair isn't partically thick so i didn't need the wide iron!

You get a cool little blue cover you put over the plates of the straighteners so that if you're in a rush to go out or going away you can quickly put the cover over it and put it in your bag, without needing to worry about burning anything! and you also get a little black suede like kind of feel pouch for them :)

In regards to the irons themselves,( not just the bits you get with them!) They are very good for styling, Which I loveeee! As I love to have my hair poker straight one day and then wavy or curly another, and the great difference from ghd's is that you can adjust the heat setting on them, you can go up to 200 heat gradually and choose how hot you want it, the booklet you get from cloud nine also tells you what heat they recommend you to use for which style, and also how to create certain styles. Here's a few pics from the booklet:

Cloud Nine is awesome! Would highly recommend, so buy buy buy!


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