Saturday, 26 March 2011

it's the weekend!

A few things i've collected over the weekend :P

I went to town today & couldn't find ANYTHING I liked, went into H&M literally 10 minutes before it closed and managed to find some loooovely stuff! I got his really cute kind of dusty pinky brown jumper for £12.99, They do them in a few shades like Cream etc. & I really love this, I haven't been able to find a good jumper to suit me in so long because of my curvy body shape, so when I tried this on I was so happy haha!

I also got this really awesome dream catcher necklace to go with its, it was pretty pricey for H&M jewellery, It was £5.99 but I love the size of it and the feathers, I think it's a proper statement necklace! As you can see below close up:

I got this Grey nail polish when I was paying at the till in H&M! I quickly saw it and grabbed it, H&M do pretty good nail polishes and I've really wanted a grey one so I got this for £2.99!

FINALLY my naked palette arrived! After weeks of waiting it's finally here! I managed to find one reeeeeally cheap on eBay as they've sold out all over the UK! I got it or £33, which is £1 more than they were retailing for PLUS now it's sold out the other ones on eBay are going for up to £90! Mental! I was really lucky!

Here's what it looks like inside :) The seller I bought it from was selling the first edition of them, with the eye-liners instead of the brushes, they stopped selling these because it got soooo high demand it took too long for them to make them with the eye-liners, and they had to change them to the brushes, which is another thing i'm glad about! I'd rather have the eye-liners! 

As you've seen in my blog before I've already tried out the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, I have  little tester & I really like this product! So it's great to have a proper bottle! 

Here's what the eye-liners are like! They glide on really soft and you get the Black colour 'Zero' and the Brown colour 'Whiskey'

& here's the back with all the shades of the eyeshadows!



  1. i can never find anything in h&m, but the jumper is gorgeous! xxx

  2. it's only recently i've started seeing good things in there! x