Monday, 7 March 2011

Mini Haul!

So went shopping today :D

Got some amaaaazing stuff. yayayay

This nommy nom nom Body Spray from H&M, Called Spring Blossom, it's only £1.50 and it smells so fresh and does smell like spring haha :P It's gorgeous! They'd sold out besides one other than the tester that had been opened but still had the lid and had clearly been sprayed a few times but i needed it! smells amazing!

Decided to get a new foundation, it looked proper good when i tried it on my hand so i decided to get this one! It was £6.99 from boots, it's like £4 cheaper than the one i'm using now and the one i use atm isn't very good at alllllllll! It's in the colour True Ivory #103! [After trying this out I did not find very good and have had to put up for sale on ebay!!!]

Decided to try out a new blush for once, instead of the pinky tones i normally go for wanted to go for like a colour that kind of looks like a bronzer but isn't as dark so i went for this blush from Collection 2000, My friend who i went shopping with recommended it so you know! It was about £2.99 i think? And in the colour Breathless 03 [Also after trying this out i personally didn't think it was very good, was too glittery for me!]

Got some lovely Nail Paints from Barry M to go under my fabolous Instant Nail Effects! They had these in Boots for 2 for £5, The colours I got were 306 - Blueberry and 308 - Berry. :D

Really needed to get a thicker blusher brush for once! So decided to get one, I managed to get a retractable one (which i've got one like that at the moment just a thin brush), from a brand called Ms Makeup for £8.16 in Boots. Quite pricey but you get a cute little mirror dangly bit on the end of the lid which is cute so you know :P [After using this was not very good :( the brush was too hard and would simply not soften!!! so ended up buying a cheap one in H&M for £1.99!!!]

Got me some gheeeetto earrings from Primarni :P hahaha. £1.50, really snazzy but not heavy at all on your ears, love it!

Got me some wedge sponges for my new foundation! As been using the same one for too long haha, about £1/£2 ish from Boots own range. [After trying did not work well as just soaked up the product, so decided to buy a foundation brush instead!]

Got some adorable little brogues from Primark! Not sure if they will suit me but they were in the sale from £8 down to £4 so love it love it love it!

I got this cute little makeup palette from H&M for £2.99, The palette is called Biscotti Dreams and has a long double ended eyeshadow applicator and some wonderful colours to play with! Worth a go!

Got me some adoraaaaaable penguin pjs from Primark, They were in the sale from £5 down to £3.90, and they do lots of colours and patterns, one with some funky sheep haha, and some gorgeous leopard print ones, they are really thick and snuggly so I'd highly recommend for the cold british nights!

Got this loveeeely flowy top from H&M. it was £7.99 and is just a plain top but it's strappy at the top and when it gets to the end it goes really big and flowy so it's great if you're trying to hide the lumps & bumps! They do these in a range of colours, you can also wear it as a dress which is great! I teamed this up with a new brown belt I got also! 

Lastly but not least, I got this lovely little belt from Primark for just £1!!! Great bargain, and it's great to wear around the waist, I'm loving my brown skinny belt's at the moment so this was perfect! :) Got mine a medium to large as these run quite small around the waist! 
Also purchased Russian Red MAC Lipstick last night from as they had a massiveeeee sale weekend, nom nom nom, managed to get it for £12.15 when it's normally £13.50 and free delivery! Liking it :) Excited for that one!
So that's it really! Didn't manage to get my Starbucks :( but hey ho maybe another day haha!

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