Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Faves & Recent Buys - Late Feb/Early March!

I've purchased even moreee in the past couple days, So I need to blog what I've got and also a review of some of the item's I have purchased.

Basically, I purchased a retractable pink Ms Makeup blusher/bronzer brush from Boots and it was like £8.16? Very pricey for a brush, and when I started using it at home it felt horrrrrid and the bristles was so rough on my skin and simply would not soften! So my sister advised me to get a cheap brush instead from H&M as she uses them and never had a problem, I bought this short handled bronzer brush from H&M for £2.99, I think they also sell this brush on their website, The brush is soft and really good, I love it and wish I would of gotten this one first!!!

I recently purchased this yesterday, this is a QVS Foundation Brush from Superdrug for £4.78,

I originally got the Superdrug own brand foundation brush for £3.99 the day before that but I took it home, undid the wrapping and the stick came apart from the head right when I pulled it out! So I returned it and paid a bit more for this one and it's so much better! The superdrug own brand one has bristles that were a bit too soft to apply foundation where are this QVS one is soft, but slightly stiffer than the superdrug one and will most probably get easier to use the more I use it! I recommend this for a cheap buy, I was using sponges before to apply my foundation and didn't realize it was barely going on my skin because it was just soaking it all up into the sponge, whereas with the brush it applies nice and thick and is a lot better to use!

I got this eyeshadow due from H&M after buying the Biscotti Dreams palette the other week, since I had so much success with the previous palette I thought this would be good, Little did I know, This eyeshadow seems to have some kind of glittery tint and feels like it's got some slight bit of cream shadow to it rather than a solid powder shadow, and It was just running down my face, Did not work well at all, I will stick to the other palettes rather than these ones for me! The pro side is that the colours are an awesome mix together though and if you think this eyeshadow could work for you, They have these in store for £1.99 and also on the website I think?

And here we come to MUA! This has been such a buzz around the blogging world recently on whether this 'everythings £1' make-up brand was good or not, I got the MUA blusher in Shade 1, which you can find here:

It was pretty good colouring but I felt like I needed to layer it up several times, and it was very very powdery and was literally falling apart and getting all over my hands whilst trying to get some of the blusher on the brush! So i'm not really sure If I like this blusher!

So finallllly my MAC Russian Red lippy arrived, I have yet to try it on, but the colour in person is more epic than seen online, I will have to try this out and let you guys know what I think! 

Got this cuteeee little cosmetics bag from H&M (which is where I get pretty much all of my make-up bags!) for £3.99, bittttt pricey for it's size, but it's so floral and I think it's just perrrrfect for Spring! love it :)

Here's MUA's Nail Varnish in Shade 4, which you can find here:

I actually really like this, After not having much luck with the blusher I was glad the Nail Varnishes is good! This comes out as a nice coral colour which I love because I haven't had a nail polish this colour before, I'm wearing it as i type! The nail varnish comes on suprisingly thicker than some £5 + nail varnishes I've had in the past so I would recommend MUA for their nail varnishes! Plus they have quite a few nice colours, I'm tempted by the pale mint green colour they have at the moment!

So yet again I'm talking about my fashionology earrings, I wore these for the first time today and I love love love them, They look so awesome and in your hands they feel like they are going to be pretty heavy on your ears but when I had them on they were not heavy at all! These were €16 (& with postage came to about €19.95 or something? so this worked up altogether to be 16.97 in British pounds) from Fashionology.NL, You can find them here:

I actually got this little belt to go with my cross earrings as I didn't have anyyy belts with a silver buckle, They were all gold! It's just a patterned black skinny belt from Primark for £1 But I really like it it's adorable!

I am sooo in love with this jacket as i love the jersey hood on it, Just purchased it today in town, It was in the sale in New Look for £20 down from £29.99, So not a bad deal! You can get one either in this lighter colour or a darker denim colour, which you can find online here:

This top is gorgeous, As previously blogged before it's £7.99 from H&M, You can get it in this colour or in white with black writing instead (which my sister has!), I love the whole style of the tie up tops this season so I love this and got a lovely denim 70's inspired high waisted skirt to wear with it!

I'm loving blouses lately, So i decided to buy something from Topshop for the first time in like fooorever cause it's so expensive :( This is a mustard shade of yellow and I was so nervous about getting it as due to having blonde hair I find it very difficult to pull off yellows but this top looks awesome on and I got a little beige coloured top to wear underneath it as it's really sheer and seethrough, I purchased it for £38 here:

Last thing I've purchased recently, I got it just before TK Maxx closed tonight for £19.99, It's a French Connection top and it was reduced from £40!! I love the cowl neck on this and it's great to tuck into a high waisted skirt, Probably the thing that attracted me most to this was the grey and the purple colours, which rrrrreally remind me of Henry Holland, who is one of my faveeee designers, it's just fab!

I got this pair of court heels from New Look for £15.99, They are the comfiest heels I own since I cannot walk in anyttthing with a heel but this is the ONLY exception ahah! It has a lovely suede outer and also had a suede feel inside so it kind of cushions your feet and doesn't hurt them as much as the leather inner soles in a lot of heels now a days, the heel is a cute little cone heel so it's hard to fall over in them really, and the strap around them is just an elastic strap so it keeps your foot in place! I love them so if you struggle with heels, you should buy these!, You can find them here:

I got this cute vintage style necklace cushion from Primark for £4, My room has white furniture and I have black bedding with 2 black cushions so the white cushion in contrast looks amazing! such a great find from Primark!

& last but not least I got this shoulder bag today from Primark for £5, It's a kind of suede feel black and has an oval clip to open it, When you open it it's actually reeeeally big inside which will come in really handy for me for nights out!

So that's pretty much it, took me a whole hour to get this one blog done! Mental!! 

Enjoy kiddos :)

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