Friday, 11 March 2011

Stuff I got todaaaaay :D

Yeah sooo been mad shopping lately hahaaha :3

But whateveeerrr! >=)

So I got a few things in town today, few pairs of knickers, and a few pyjamas, primark have lovely cheap ones atm!!!

& besides that gottttt a lovely cheap foundation brush, £4.78 from Superdrug, a 'Running Wild' crop top from H&M for £7.99, a black patterned skinny belt from Primark for £1, & my Fashionology Cross earrings I got in the mail! [16 euros,]

& also this cute denim 70's inspired skirt from New Look for £21.99 to go with the new top!, Tried it on in store but they didn't have my size, only had one size too small and one size too big but just tried to see what it look like and then purchased online!

so that's pretty much it for today, just a few little bits and bobs, H&M is fab at the mo, nom nom! 

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