Sunday, 13 March 2011

VO5 Extreme Style Surf Spray

I LOVE having curly or wavy hair, & I literally hate having it straight nowadays but recently i've been on a hunt to find different and quicker ways of having it curly or wavy without having to spend an hour or longer curling it.

So I was recently advised by my Mum that my elder sister when she was younger & wanted the same wavy style had this Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, which gives you the beach surf hair look. So I googled and found it was around £18 for this, & me and my mum also couldn't find anywhere in my hometown that did it, so this would be postage aswell! Luckilyyy after travelling to a hairdressers to see if they advised anything else for this look one of the assistants suggested just getting mouse so we thought we'd given up with the surf spray hunt, but we went into superdrug to look for mouse and hey ho we found the VO5 Extreme Style Surf Spray, for only £3/£4!! 

I purchased it yesterday and I used it today and it's actually pretty good, I've put some on my hair tonight also whilst I put it in pigtails to hopefully boost the waves whilst I sleep as I start my new job tomorrow and won't have time to curl it in the morning!

Here's a piccy I took earlier on after it had dried and set, it did pretttttty good waves! Excuse the scribble face but I look terrible with no make-up haha.

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