Saturday, 30 April 2011

weeeeeeeeekend :)

I got this new poncho today! I returned a top that I bought online to store and they gave me store credit because they can't refund items if you buy online (which is annoyingggggg) but anyway I was browsing and found this awesome poncho :) i've been eyeing up another one on the website for a while but it's like £25 and this one was a lot cheaper! They do it instore and online in 3 different colours, it's currently in the sale online for £7.49 but is normally £14.99! It is a one size item though but I was pretty glad it fit me okay considering the girls modelling it on the website are size 8 ish haha, I love it though!

Poncho: H&M - £7.49 (currently) : In store & here

Earrings: H&M - £3.99 : In store only

Chunky gold bracelet: Primark - About £2/£3 I think! : In store only (obviously!)

Large gold ring: Primark - £2.50 ish : In store

Black leggings: H&M - £5.99 : In store & here

Gladiator sandals: New Look - Can't remember the price, Purchased about 2 years ago but Matalan do some dupes, here for £14

& I also got this bag from H&M online a few days ago, They're still selling it for £19.99 in my local store, yet online I got it in the sale for £9.99! Brilliant discount there! You can find it here and they also do it in brown! :)

Friday, 29 April 2011

floral shirt

got this shirt recently, not sure if I can work it or not but it's split sleeves and a lovelllly floral print :)

was pretty pricey £18 from! but I like it, just can't stand the thought of having my arms out so put this black long sleeved body underneath? wearing pj bottoms by the way! 

Sunday, 24 April 2011

easter, OOTD & loving my new shoes!

Soooo, Happy easter everyone! here's a few things for you today:

Got this amazing necklace from my boyfriend for Easter, we were gonna get easter eggs for each other but decided presents would be funner! He bought me this aweeeesome several layered necklace from Claires for £12, pretty darn pricey but I love the little cross on it, it's really heavy though! 

Also a purchase I made this weekend was these awesome wedges from New Look, they were £17.99 but with 20% discount got them for £14.39! I bought these in store and cannot find them online so If you want them you'll have to look in store! 

Here's what they look like on, They are soooo comfy ! 

& here's my outfit of the day, featuring my new shoes! Also seen in the pic is this awesome new tie up front top I got from Primark for £4, it's got a cool little varsity print on it with a giant cat and it's kind of got an animal print over the top also, such a bargain for the price though! 


Friday, 22 April 2011

Outfit for tomorroww :)

Just having a little dress up time planning on what to wear to town tomorrow & thought I'd show you guys some of my new stuff I've got recently!

I recently purchased this sort of Aztec print crop top from H&M for around £7, You can find this on the website:

& this shrug cardigan from Republic for £7 in the sale down from £20! it's really good because I hateeeee showing my arms but it's really thin and mid sleeved so you don't get too hot in the summer!

that's all kids :)

Thursday, 14 April 2011

New stuff today :)

Stocked up on more Collection 2000 Concealer today and noticed something disappointing! Seems they have changed their formula as the one I was using 'Light' is now a REALLY orange colour :( and they have made the 'Fair' one identical to the old 'Light' one, which is strange! Hopefully the texture etc. is the same because I love it so much!!

I've been eyeing up this blusher for a while now and it looks lovely! It's called First Flush by 17 for £3.50 ish I think? I love it because it's one of the only matte blushers I can find recently, every other blusher seems to be shimmery in some way and the shimmer just doesn't suit me! It looks really neon the compact but I tried it on my hand & it's a really nice pink colour that's bright but not too over the top!

Last but not least today I got this lipstick in 'Sweet Tart' by Collection 2000, It was £2.99 (bargain!) and I've seen it previously blogged on Kate's blog, and she was right, The collection 2000 lipsticks are suprisingly like the MAC ones in some ways! It's a lovelyyyy colour & I adore it!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Alchemy Adderbite Ring

Today I received this gorgeeeeous Alchemy Adderbite ring in the mail, it's amazing! pretty pricey @ £23.99 but I found this on eBay it's sooo lovely! Just search 'adderbite ring' on eBay :)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Matalan Ring; £3.50

Just a quick one today guys,

I bought this ring from Matalan the other day from their brand Morgan? (i think it's called that anyway!) for £3.50

It has several bands all joined together and it kinda reminds me of a cage ring & I love it! 

I'm quite surprised by Matalan in the past year, they've got some wicked stuff the sell in there for really affordable prices!

The jewellery from (what I think is) the Morgan brand is all really modern and trendy, so go have a look!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

New fave toppp :)

Today I received a lovely packet from Urban Outfitters in the mail.

I've been wanting a tee with a Cross on it for sooo long now, Got one from Urban Outfitters last week but It didn't look as good on me so I decided to sell it on! But I decided to get an alternative cross tee from there and I absolutely love it!

It's the Jewelled Cross Tee, RRP £28 but I managed to get £5 discount!

Here it issssss:

loving it :D

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Poundland Lipsticks!!!

Today I went to Poundland to quickly get a birthday card for a co-worker, Ended up going on a little stroll around and found some cool things,

The main thing I was impressed about is that Poundland now do cosmetics! And well known brands also!

They did Revlon, Rimmel, Maybelline, Collection 2000 etc. products!

I picked up 2 lipsticks, one from a range called 'Outdoor Girl Cosmetics' in shade 'Lust'

& one from a range called 'Chit Chat' in shade 'Nude' which apparently is Poundland's very own make-up range!

Here's Lust:

The colour looks a bit different on than from the lipstick, It's only a cheapy one so It does not have the matte colour such as MAC lipsticks etc but I really liked the colour that came out from it, It's a suttle purply pink, It looks more berry coloured in real life whereas in the pictures it looks like it's more pink! 

& Here's Nude:

This lipstick kind of reminds me of Mac's Hue I've recentlly purchased, It's a good cheap little alternative I think, Requires a few more layers but the colour is really nice and it's pretty glossy also and didn't crack on my lips even though they were soooo dry at the time!

If you want some cheapy lippys i'd recommend Poundland at the mo, They have a couple nice shades!

Obviously both these lipsticks were £1 each ;)

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Urban Outfitters Cross Tee!

I'm selling the Sold Out Urban Outfitters Crosses Tee on eBay in size Medium (10-12)

If you'd like to bid, you can do so here :) -

eBay stuff!

Please have a look at the latest model of the iPod Classic (7th Generation) on eBay I am selling for my boyfriend!

If you're interested go ahead and bid! :]

Saturday, 2 April 2011

OOTD & haul :)

Today I went to town with my bezzzerrr Sophie and we bought a few thingys! :D

Here was my outfit of the day! Got this Waterfall cardigan and fringe top from New Look in the post on Fridaaay :) 

The waterfall cardigan was also £6.99 & you can find it here:

Other stuff I'm wearing:
Cross necklace - Fashionology - €25: (mine is the 80cm long one!)

Tube skirt - H&M - £3.99 (you can only find this one in store!)

100 denier black tights - Primark - £2.50

Dimpled knuckle ring- LLYMLRS - £6: (i'm a size 7 on her site, and on the high street i'm normally around a medium! )

& here's some of the things I got today!:

This amazing bunny top I got from H&M for £7.99! I thought it was the cutest thing in the world and the reason why I got it is in dedication to my boyfriend because one of his many MANY horrific nicknames I have given him is 'bunny' so this is for him ;) haha. 

This plain black top I didn't actually buy in town but It was one of the items I received online from H&M and it's just a plain baggy black top with a pocket on the chest area, It was £7.99 and it's on my blog today because It is a MUST for layering! both outfits shown above I've worn this top underneath it and it's really good if you're curvier & want to wear crop tops because it's baggy! You can find this on the website & in store!

I got this set of 3 rings from H&M for £5.99, I've been eyeing these up for the past few weeks and finally decided to buy! I only really liked the spider one in the beginning but now I like them all haha! I don't think you can find this online but you can in store!

Last but not least I got this cute purple make-up bag from H&M in the sale 50% off for £2.50 down from £4.99, It's a really bright purple in real life and just the right size for me!