Sunday, 24 April 2011

easter, OOTD & loving my new shoes!

Soooo, Happy easter everyone! here's a few things for you today:

Got this amazing necklace from my boyfriend for Easter, we were gonna get easter eggs for each other but decided presents would be funner! He bought me this aweeeesome several layered necklace from Claires for £12, pretty darn pricey but I love the little cross on it, it's really heavy though! 

Also a purchase I made this weekend was these awesome wedges from New Look, they were £17.99 but with 20% discount got them for £14.39! I bought these in store and cannot find them online so If you want them you'll have to look in store! 

Here's what they look like on, They are soooo comfy ! 

& here's my outfit of the day, featuring my new shoes! Also seen in the pic is this awesome new tie up front top I got from Primark for £4, it's got a cool little varsity print on it with a giant cat and it's kind of got an animal print over the top also, such a bargain for the price though! 


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