Saturday, 2 April 2011

OOTD & haul :)

Today I went to town with my bezzzerrr Sophie and we bought a few thingys! :D

Here was my outfit of the day! Got this Waterfall cardigan and fringe top from New Look in the post on Fridaaay :) 

The waterfall cardigan was also £6.99 & you can find it here:

Other stuff I'm wearing:
Cross necklace - Fashionology - €25: (mine is the 80cm long one!)

Tube skirt - H&M - £3.99 (you can only find this one in store!)

100 denier black tights - Primark - £2.50

Dimpled knuckle ring- LLYMLRS - £6: (i'm a size 7 on her site, and on the high street i'm normally around a medium! )

& here's some of the things I got today!:

This amazing bunny top I got from H&M for £7.99! I thought it was the cutest thing in the world and the reason why I got it is in dedication to my boyfriend because one of his many MANY horrific nicknames I have given him is 'bunny' so this is for him ;) haha. 

This plain black top I didn't actually buy in town but It was one of the items I received online from H&M and it's just a plain baggy black top with a pocket on the chest area, It was £7.99 and it's on my blog today because It is a MUST for layering! both outfits shown above I've worn this top underneath it and it's really good if you're curvier & want to wear crop tops because it's baggy! You can find this on the website & in store!

I got this set of 3 rings from H&M for £5.99, I've been eyeing these up for the past few weeks and finally decided to buy! I only really liked the spider one in the beginning but now I like them all haha! I don't think you can find this online but you can in store!

Last but not least I got this cute purple make-up bag from H&M in the sale 50% off for £2.50 down from £4.99, It's a really bright purple in real life and just the right size for me!


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  1. love the bunny top, i've been wanting one for aggeeees but there soo hard to come across - handm here i come :)
    cute outfit too