Tuesday, 31 May 2011

curvy beachwear!

So today I've been all around where I live, plus to another town in Devon also all the for the sake of beachwear!

Basically last week I decided to book a random holiday, last minute deal, picked the nicest place we could get on such late notice for our budget! I'm treating my mum, she needs a break and I thought this was just the ticket! We're off to sunny Menorca for a week & we're going on Monday! So you can imagine I've been running around like a headless chicken trying to get holiday clothing as I haven't been on a beach holiday in 2 years!

And my worse nightmare with my figure is SWIMWEAR.

Literally dreaded it, bought a swimsuit online, thought it would look nice & it arrived and looked awwwful! Luckily, I went into Evans, being a size 14-16 and all I'm on the lower end of the plus size spectrum! But Evans have some innnnnnncredibly flattering swimsuits. They're perfectly made for us curvy girls which I loooooove! I bought this adorable Swimdress, it skims all the flabby bits, and goes straight down so doesn't show your belly at all, and has a lovely halterneck, which is flattering for the chest area haha!

(credit: Evans.co.uk)

It's really fab, & I love how I feel wearing it, Never had that feeling with swimwear before because i've always been curvy, It's mad! It was pretty pricey for a swimsuit, @ £32, But if it makes you feel great what the hell!

You can find it here

(credit: Evans.co.uk)

One thing I can't stand about the beach, is that I cannot hide behind my tights, & I really dislike my legs, But managed to find these shorts, They're not too long and not too short, and really really comfy! They are again from Evans, & were £12 down to £10, Which they still are, they do them in plenty of colours and sizes, & If you are smaller than a size 14, It has a drawstring to tighten so I think even a 12 could wear these. 

You can find them here

This Kaftan is so pretty, It was only £6 from Asda, My nearest ASDA is in another town from me so I had to mission it there but It was worth it ! Cheap & gorgeous and really flattering, & You can also adjust the drawstring to tie you in at the waist. They do this in a range of colours. 

& Lastly I got these extra cheap flip flops to go with the outfit, As I don't have any plain black or white ones! They were £2 and also from ASDA.

stuff :)

I made this fringe top out of an old Topshop John Lennon & Yoko top I bought for £18 a few years back, never wore it because I hated the shape on me so I thought i'd put it to good use and fringe it! I was inspired to do this by Kate's blog, she does some awesome DIY stuff! Mines pretty shabby! 

It previously looked like this:

(credit: eBay)

As you may have previously seen I have a loooooove for Ponchos at the moment, and bought a dark camel coloured one from H&M, I decided to buy the white version! £7.49 online @ H&M in the sale!

I also bought this in the H&M sale, The top was £9.99 and the trousers £12.49 :)

I purchased the above top a couple weeks ago but forgot to blog it, It was £28 from ASOS, pretty pricey for a top for me and the sizings quite small but I love the sheer and the fringe, I want to lose a couple pounds to fit into it haha! 

I purchased this top from Primark yesterday and i've also got this in a Cream colour, luckily my local Primark has just started stocking it in black and It's lush! 

Literally, best eyeliner for a winged eye ever! It is like simply drawing on the line as you would draw on paper, it was £5.50 from Eyeko and I know I will be purchasing more in the future! The line comes on really thick, really black, and it stays on all day and barely smudges! 

Angel lipstick by MAC, my newest MAC product, It's such a fab colour and I would highly recommend! Sadly I couldn't get any discount though and bought it for full price but it's definately a colour I will use frequently! 

Lastly I also bought this top when I went to Primark, It was £3 in the sale down from £6, I've been eyeing this up for a while now and couldn't believe it when I found it for that price! It's really oversized and they only had one size left that was 2 sizes smaller than I normally am but luckily it was perfect for me haha! my usual size would of drowned me like a tent else! I think I also saw this on LLYMLRS' blog. 

& here it is on, as my outfit of the day! 

Friday, 27 May 2011

My Daily Make-Up & Benefit dupes? :)

  So here's all the things I wear on a day-to-day basis!

L-R: Elf Stipple Brush (I use this for my powder and blusher (need another one really or else my powder goes red haha), Clinique high impact mascara (little tester off eBay, works all the same!), QVS Foundation Brush (http://tiny.cc/xlh36), MAC White Frost Eyeshadow (I normally use this as a upper brow highligher), Collection 2000 Kohl Liner (just standard lower lash line!), ELF Eyebrow Kit in Ash, 17 Photo Flawless Primer  (I love this stuff! only £4.99 and it's awesome!), Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair (I used to wear Light but they changed the formula and made the Light one really orange!), L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder in W1 - Golden Ivory (Been using this for years!), L'Oreal True Match Foundation in N1 - Ivory (been also using this for years!).

   L-R: 17 Blusher in First Blush (Gorgeous colour but you need to be light handed as it's very pink!), Sleek Face Contour Kit in Light  (I only really use the highlighter in this as the bronzers a bit dark for me), and L'Oreal Super Liner (showed in previous blogs & I normally use this for my signature winged liner!)

   & when it comes to Lipstick wise I like wearing a nude or pinky lip that I can get away with at work etc, I  Use these 3 the most; L-R: Barry M Lipstick in no. 53 - Coral  (I think this has a kind of frost/shimmery finish), MAC Angel (Frost finish), & MAC Hue (Glaze finish), I don't use Hue all the time as the finish  is very sheen and I like a more bolder lip.

I also have this to show so thought I would do so in this post! I bought this Primer from a brand called 'Technic' the other day as I saw it on Grace's blog, It's pretty much an exact replica of Benefits 'That Gal' primer which you may know looks like this: 

Can you see the resemblance? 

I also got this Highlighter from Technic called 'High Lights' which looks identicaaaaaaaaal to Benefit's High beam! 

Very very similar!

I have not tested either of the items out yet except trying out the Primer on my hand but If you want to know if it's good leave me a comment or tweet me: www.twitter.com/lozzii

I'm intrigued to test them out! 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


This is what I wore today into town :)

Just went with the usual short black body con skirt and black opaque tights I wear with everything haha :P Plain black dollies etc. 

On top today I wore this Black slashed material sort of top from Primark, I also have it in white which I've posted on the blog, it was £8 and it looks like this (but in black obviously) :

I also wore: 

Primark Cardigan - £5 (in the sale from £12)

Primark 4 pack bracelets - £2.50

& ASOS Gold Extra Long Cross Necklace - £6
link: here


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2nd blog of the day!

Ok so more than one blog for the day I know! Had to post some of my recent buys!

ASOS Gold Cross Extra Long Necklace - £6 ( they also do this in silver!)

Eyeko Lipastik in Loud Mouth - £6.50 

H&M &Denim shorts - £17.99 (but I got discount from voucherhubs.com)

H&M Fringed Poncho top - £24.99 (also got discount on this from voucerhubs.com got it for £13!)

Primark Parrot sunset top - £6 I think!

& Here's some of my geeky purchases lately :P

This Laser mouse from Logitech for £9.99 @ Play.com, It's quick, does the job and I think it's good quality for the price!

Lastly I got my first ever High Definition webcam ! hurrrrra! 

It's made by Microsoft & is the Lifecam HD-3000, It was £17.99 and It's widescreen compared to normal webcams which is quite surreal! It also has really nice webcam software, had a laugh with the family on it! Here's a few shots I took on it:

I got it on Amazon, It's RRP at £30 so I saved a bit of money! :

That's all! :)

Budget £20 shopping!

The other day I randomly had £20 and I thought to myself, I wonder if I could find some great pieces to make up an outfit for exactly £20! Here's the things I got, All from Primark, (as you do ;]) The bottoms don't really go very well but they are super comfy!

First thing I got were these shoes, really cheap multiway sandals, only £2.50! and they do them in a range of colours, awessssssssssome! 

I've been eyeing up this cardigan for a while now, I saw it in cream on someone elses blog and It's just sooooo loverrrrly! It was £12 previously and I just left it, and then I saw it again the other day and it was reduced to £5 so I had to get it! It is very long though! 

I've already got one of these tops as previously shown in one of my blogs, but decided to get this grey one, It was £4 :)

Another thing for £2.50, this 4 pack of bangles, all are really funky & me likeeeez :)

Last but not least, these jogger sorta bottoms, don't really go with the outfit but they make up the last £6 :P I've been needing some of these for ages now, just for lounging about the house, they are super comfy and fleece inside :)

So that's my £20 shopping! 

Thursday, 5 May 2011

today & bargain hunt!

So today I went town really quick just to buy my sister her birthday present for her birthday on Monday. I decided to go H&M quickly to have a looooksie and go this lovely ring! Me and my mum found it on our trip to Torquay and she got it in the last one there a M/L, she really wanted it though so i let her have it! :P They finally brought it to my local store and it was just one on it's own in an XS/S, I decided to get it but have to wear it on my wedding ring finger as it's so tiny haha! but I had to get it! it's lovely :) It was £3.99

& here's something a bit different for a change, I decided to post a few of the bargain hunts i've done recently, I seem to have knack for finding something I like and finding a dupe for a lot cheaper!

Here's the first one:

(ALL CREDIT FOR PHOTO GOES TO http://belles-boutique.blogspot.com/)
There's this Topshop Fringe top, They're selling this for £26, & I saw this on Laura's blog, 

& I previously saw an exact replica in H&M, for £12.99!


& there's more!

As I showed in a previous post, I recently brought this fringe top from Primark for £8

& then found out Topshop are selling a replica for an madddddd £30!


& last but not least, the craziest of the bunch, 

This top from Wildfox, They are selling for £85


With the logo Love Is Everything, 


a top with exactly the same logo, although different style top, for £5 @ Chiara fashion.


That's 17 of those Chiara tops for the price of ONE Wildfox one!