Monday, 2 May 2011

April bank holiday's collectionssss

So I did what everyone else did, and booked off 3 days at work and because of the bank holidays and weekends got 11 days off, Here's a haul with all the stuff I've collected over that time but still haven't put up on here yet!

Republic CRAFTED Skull & Spiders Jumper, Bought in the sale for £12, Not sure If I like the way it fits but I love the print! You can find here

Republic Miso Cobweb Knit jumper, Also £12 in the sale, It's tight under the bust which I'm not really a fan of but I love the style and the batwing arm, you can find here

My new absolute FAVE top! So many people are going crazy over this style at the moment, and spending around £30+ in places like Topshop etc, I found this beauty in Primark for £8! They also do this in a Cinnamon sort of colour, Couldn't find it in my local store, I found it in the Torquay store when I went shopping in Torquay with my mum earlier this week  but it was just one on it's own and wasn't my size! :( It's got a gorgeous bat wing arm and also has a built in crop top underneath.

Here's one of the things I got from the Torquay Primark Store when I went with my mum, It was £1.50, as in my earlier post, my first post on my blog actually I got one of these bendy wire headbands from Primark, in a floral colour, but that's the only one they've had stocked in my local store which sucks! But I was glad to find this plain black one, you can wear it with so many different things then!

Primark feather earrings, around £2, They did have these dangly jewel diamanté studs on it also but I thought it was a bit tacky so just removed that bit! 

More Primark, Got this Elephant necklace for £2/£3 I think, I can never remember the prices haha! I bought it in the Torquay Primark Store, Don't think they sell it in my local store! 

Primark feather cord charm necklace, £2, I've been seeing so many of these necklaces about in Topshop & H&M etc for crazy prices! This looks really awesome with my Primark white crotchet fringe top in this post too!

As seen in my last few posts, I've been wearing this bracelet! I hate bracelets normally, They're so uncomfortable for me but this one is gorgeous and perfect! It was about £2/£3.

Also got these earrings to match the bracelet, £1.50/£2 ish from Primark.

My favourite pair of earrings at the moment! I've been wearing them in my last few posts, £3.99 from H&M, Can't find them on the website, I bought them in store.

Favourite new ring, £2 ish from Primark, I love how oversized and detailed it is!

Purchased these earrings from Dainty Dolly Mix's blog, but they're Primark earrings, and were £1.50. bought them off her for £1 though!

Another thing from Dainty Dolly Mix, this time from her store, This ring was £5 and you can find it here

This ring is from H&M, for £3.99, They also do it in black and silver and it's adjustable, which I love because it's so awkward for me to find good fitting rings! I bought it online & you can find it here

Last but not least, Got yet anotherrrr ring! (yeah I know, I'm loving rings at the moment haha!) This sovereign ring I got from Miss Selfridge in the sale for £3, You can find it here it's now reduced to £2! I bought a size Medium but it's a bit big for me! wish I got a Small! 


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