Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Budget £20 shopping!

The other day I randomly had £20 and I thought to myself, I wonder if I could find some great pieces to make up an outfit for exactly £20! Here's the things I got, All from Primark, (as you do ;]) The bottoms don't really go very well but they are super comfy!

First thing I got were these shoes, really cheap multiway sandals, only £2.50! and they do them in a range of colours, awessssssssssome! 

I've been eyeing up this cardigan for a while now, I saw it in cream on someone elses blog and It's just sooooo loverrrrly! It was £12 previously and I just left it, and then I saw it again the other day and it was reduced to £5 so I had to get it! It is very long though! 

I've already got one of these tops as previously shown in one of my blogs, but decided to get this grey one, It was £4 :)

Another thing for £2.50, this 4 pack of bangles, all are really funky & me likeeeez :)

Last but not least, these jogger sorta bottoms, don't really go with the outfit but they make up the last £6 :P I've been needing some of these for ages now, just for lounging about the house, they are super comfy and fleece inside :)

So that's my £20 shopping! 

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