Tuesday, 31 May 2011

curvy beachwear!

So today I've been all around where I live, plus to another town in Devon also all the for the sake of beachwear!

Basically last week I decided to book a random holiday, last minute deal, picked the nicest place we could get on such late notice for our budget! I'm treating my mum, she needs a break and I thought this was just the ticket! We're off to sunny Menorca for a week & we're going on Monday! So you can imagine I've been running around like a headless chicken trying to get holiday clothing as I haven't been on a beach holiday in 2 years!

And my worse nightmare with my figure is SWIMWEAR.

Literally dreaded it, bought a swimsuit online, thought it would look nice & it arrived and looked awwwful! Luckily, I went into Evans, being a size 14-16 and all I'm on the lower end of the plus size spectrum! But Evans have some innnnnnncredibly flattering swimsuits. They're perfectly made for us curvy girls which I loooooove! I bought this adorable Swimdress, it skims all the flabby bits, and goes straight down so doesn't show your belly at all, and has a lovely halterneck, which is flattering for the chest area haha!

(credit: Evans.co.uk)

It's really fab, & I love how I feel wearing it, Never had that feeling with swimwear before because i've always been curvy, It's mad! It was pretty pricey for a swimsuit, @ £32, But if it makes you feel great what the hell!

You can find it here

(credit: Evans.co.uk)

One thing I can't stand about the beach, is that I cannot hide behind my tights, & I really dislike my legs, But managed to find these shorts, They're not too long and not too short, and really really comfy! They are again from Evans, & were £12 down to £10, Which they still are, they do them in plenty of colours and sizes, & If you are smaller than a size 14, It has a drawstring to tighten so I think even a 12 could wear these. 

You can find them here

This Kaftan is so pretty, It was only £6 from Asda, My nearest ASDA is in another town from me so I had to mission it there but It was worth it ! Cheap & gorgeous and really flattering, & You can also adjust the drawstring to tie you in at the waist. They do this in a range of colours. 

& Lastly I got these extra cheap flip flops to go with the outfit, As I don't have any plain black or white ones! They were £2 and also from ASDA.

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