Tuesday, 31 May 2011

stuff :)

I made this fringe top out of an old Topshop John Lennon & Yoko top I bought for £18 a few years back, never wore it because I hated the shape on me so I thought i'd put it to good use and fringe it! I was inspired to do this by Kate's blog, she does some awesome DIY stuff! Mines pretty shabby! 

It previously looked like this:

(credit: eBay)

As you may have previously seen I have a loooooove for Ponchos at the moment, and bought a dark camel coloured one from H&M, I decided to buy the white version! £7.49 online @ H&M in the sale!

I also bought this in the H&M sale, The top was £9.99 and the trousers £12.49 :)

I purchased the above top a couple weeks ago but forgot to blog it, It was £28 from ASOS, pretty pricey for a top for me and the sizings quite small but I love the sheer and the fringe, I want to lose a couple pounds to fit into it haha! 

I purchased this top from Primark yesterday and i've also got this in a Cream colour, luckily my local Primark has just started stocking it in black and It's lush! 

Literally, best eyeliner for a winged eye ever! It is like simply drawing on the line as you would draw on paper, it was £5.50 from Eyeko and I know I will be purchasing more in the future! The line comes on really thick, really black, and it stays on all day and barely smudges! 

Angel lipstick by MAC, my newest MAC product, It's such a fab colour and I would highly recommend! Sadly I couldn't get any discount though and bought it for full price but it's definately a colour I will use frequently! 

Lastly I also bought this top when I went to Primark, It was £3 in the sale down from £6, I've been eyeing this up for a while now and couldn't believe it when I found it for that price! It's really oversized and they only had one size left that was 2 sizes smaller than I normally am but luckily it was perfect for me haha! my usual size would of drowned me like a tent else! I think I also saw this on LLYMLRS' blog. 

& here it is on, as my outfit of the day! 

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  1. I love this outfit, usually I can't stand all black but you've really made it work:) suits you alot x x