Friday, 17 June 2011

Deal Of The Day - Wooden Cross Necklace

So recently i've been stocking up on cross necklaces, yeah i know, eeeeeeveryone likes that trend at the moment, but i think it's on my sort of level of style and I love big statement necklaces.

So my latest crush has been on wooden cross rosary sort of necklaces, after I saw a woman on Holiday in Menorca with this fab necklace.

I was reading a few blogs, & saw this girl who was recommending tons of her favourite online shops by follow bloggers, and I came across Giftgirls where I browsed through, found some nice jewellery and then came across


gorgeous necklace, just like i'd been wanting, but I looked at the price, it was £10, not to mention the shipping being £3 on top of that and as some of you may know, i'm a crazy discount hunter so for me that wasn't the best deal I could get! So I browsed around, looked on eBay, and found such a good deal! I got

 cross necklace for £1.69 with free shipping ! and it also looks like it's longer with a bigger cross, I was so proud of my deal, They were pretty much identical, It just proves If you look a little deeper you can save yourself some pennies!

Adios :)

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  1. the necklace is lush hun, I will be checking this site out for sure x