Wednesday, 1 June 2011

some new make-up products :)

I recently purchased the No7 tinted moisturiser in shade Fair for my Holiday on Monday, It arrived today and I thought i'd test it it! I decided to buy it because my skin is so uneven with way too many blemishes and wanted something light and sheer to wear when out in the sun and in the pool etc. It happens to contain 5-star UVA Protection & SPF15. I tried it out and it's not bad for my skin, it's very very thin which is a big change for me as I need to wear medium-full coverage foundation for my blemishes and has a glowy shiny look. It does work to even out the redness but i'm not entirely sure if I like the shininess of it! When it comes to the colouring considering I purchased it online I think I made a wise decision buying this one as I've read plenty of reviews saying the majority of tinted moisturisers are really orange or streaky etc, and this one is a good colour for me, and any other pale person as It is very light and doesn't look orange when it's applied. I would recommend but I still think for me I made need powder to get rid of the horrible shininess! It's at a kind of pricey £12 but No7 isn't exactly a cheap brand! I purchased it luckily on eBay for £8.99, but you can find it at Boots:

These arrived for me today also, As you've probably seen in my most recent blog posts I've found a new make-up brand 'Technic' that happens to have Benefit dupes. Technic make these blusher mousses and although it's not a dupe of any of Benefit's product I thought the colour and the concept was awesome! I got the Peaches & Cream shade & Pink Champagne on eBay for £1.99 each. I thought the Pink Champagne could be used as a highlighter & the Peaches & Cream obviously as a blush. I tested them out this morning and Pink champagne is not bad, but you need a light hand as the consistency seems to be a bit too glittery rather than shimmery for me, and might come out tacky if not used responsibly! Whereas Peaches & Cream on the other hand, even though it is a little glittery like the other colour, it's quite a struggle to actually get the colour out, you have to use a fair bit for it to even show up! I do like both of the colours when they finally came out but I don't think it will be a product I will choose over my own 17 powder blusher. I think I may use the Pink Champagne shade but I will most probably be going to get a Topshop Cream Blush or MAC Cream blush over the Peaches & Cream mousse!
They sell these @ LoveThyMakeup:

Lastly but not least my absolute favourite item that I received today! As usual MAC can never let me down haha! I finally got around to purchasing my first ever 'Facial' make-up from MAC, which happened to be the Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I've never been tested out to find out what my shade is, as my nearest MAC supplier is at least 1 hour away's drive from my city! So I took a risk and made a guess, used the foundation finder on the official website and came across NC15 and NC20, I decided to go with NC20, I must of looked at a gizzzzzilion photos to make sure It wouldn't turn up and be a completely wrong shade but it arrived and was perfect! I love the soft focus it gives my skin and on top of my tinted moisturiser it helps to get rid of the shininess (thank god!) I would highly highly recommend this, I think it's the best quality powder I've ever used! I purchased mine from a reliable source on eBay for £12.80. It RRPs for £19.50 so it's pretty expensive normally!
You can find this @ MAC:


  1. oooo nice buys,ive got a no7 voucher i need to spend dont know what to get though,might try this out :) i do know i want the mac studio fix tho but my bank account wont strecth to that at the moment haha

    kate xo

  2. haha yeah i'm pretty skint! I got mine from a legit person on ebay luckily! x