Thursday, 14 July 2011

E.L.F Haul!

I received plenty of goodies from today! I went on a splurge and spent £30 to get free shipping :) I've been waiting for ageeees now for ELF to restock, it's been winding me up! But I had my wishlist at the ready and when I saw they'd restocked I swooped right in! 

Firstly I got the ELF Brush Case, I've been buying more and more brushes recently and needed somewhere to put my brushes, This is perfect, nice and compact, fits 10 brushes securely and it is £5.00.

Next, I got the ELF Brush Shampoo, I had been eyeing up the Daily Brush Cleaner, But it was not in stock, So I thought I'd go for the Brush Shampoo, And I have to say, I am very happy I did now! It seems like it would be more effective anyway! It doesn't really smell of anything, But It feels nice when you're using it on the brushes and gets 90% of the make-up out of them, But it states only to use a small amount, I was finding I had to use it twice on each brush or else it wouldn't come out! But bare in mind I have never washed the brushes I have and I've had them around 4 months, Normally I'm lazy and get new ones but now I'm getting better quality brushes I wouldn't exactly chuck them away! BUT even though I had to use more shampoo, It's a great sized bottle and hasn't really made a dent in it! This is wonderful value for money and It was £3.50.

I purchased these make-up remover wipes as my oh so faithful Primark Aloe Vera wipes had ran out :(   I've already tried them out and all I can say is they are perfeeeecto! So moisturising, Very very easy on the skin, I have super sensitive skin so I have to be careful and I noticed that ELF states these wipes have Aloe Vera in, which is why I decided to get them having such success with the Primark ones! They have such a lovely smell and you can actually smell it on your face after using them! It kind of reminds me of Fresh Cotton! It's just a shame you only get 20 wipes when they were a fairly pricey £3.50 whereas the Primark wipes you got a twin pack of 25 wipes each for £1! But The ELF wipes are a lot more moisturising, the smell is better and they also seem softer, so I think it's definately more of a quality over quantity situation!

I got the ELF tinted moisturiser SPF15 in shade Ivory, I was going to purchase the Studio Line version but I don't really need a tinted moisturiser and needed to spent an extra £2 to make my order £30+ so I just randomly bought this, It was £1.50, I've tried it out and in comparison to my No 7 and Natural Collection ones, It has a far better colour, it looks as if it may be orangey but It really isn't! the No 7 one was definately orangey and shiny, the Natural collection one has a brown/grey tint to it and makes me look darker than I am,  and this one seems a really good colour, and pretty perfect, BUT I'm not sure I like the finish or the way it blends because it simply just doesn't blend well enough! But for £1.50 what more can I ask for really!

Here's the ELF Zit Zapper, I wasn't sure on whether to get this or not because the reviews weren't greeeat but i thought i'd try it for myself, plus it was another thing to boost up the price to £30 as it was only £1.50. I won't be able to really review whether it works yet as I'll have to wait a bit to find out! But when it comes to the packaging, the way it applys and how the formula feels, I am impressed! I love how it's a roll on product so you can use it on the move etc. and the formula doesn't sting or anything and it's not sticky, it's a thin watery like product, smells like a weaker version of witch hazel, and with the roll on advantage you can aim at specific areas much better! It also has a blend of Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Witch Hazel and Camphor.

The ELF Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Mascara, I had a little try with this earlier, I've never used a Clear Mascara before & mainly got this for the Brow setter but I was actually really impress with the Lash part, It works really well but gives a really natural non cloggy or clumpy finish like normal coloured mascara would! The brow side also works quite well at defining your brows & I think this is best to use over some brow pencil/powder, I think i used a bit much and it looked really kind of damp! This was £1.50.

ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in Glow/Fair - 
I've been a bit restless recently and I need a concealer I can just use to sort out my dark circles! I haven't tried this out to conceal my blemishes but I think because I love my Collection 2000 Concealer so much I would purely use this one just for under eye circles and maybe as an eye base. When it comes to the Highlighter part ELF state that you can use that for an eyeshadow base anyway, But I tried it and I have to strongly say I really dislike the highlighter, it's not glowy, it's not plain to use as a base, it's just like having glitter eyeliner all over your lid! It's really glittery and you can see the sparkly bits on your skin, I really don't like sparkly or glittery make-up in general, it does not look good on me so this side of the product was a no no! But I do quite like the concealer part, it's not perfect, but the colour is good and it will do the job! This was £3.50.

Last but not least we have the brushes! From top to bottom I got:

I already have the Stipple brush and you guys should know how much I love this! Wanted to get another one as I primarily use my other one for Powder but I thought It would be nice for blush or something like that! This was £3.50. 
I love my eyeshadow brushes at the moment, and I thought i'd get the Small Smudge Brush to get right in the crease and blend better for a smokey eye look, it's a lot stiffer than I thought It would be, which I actually love for eyeshadow application, It's also really small so you could easily use this to line eyes also! This was £3.50
Lastly I have the Eyeshadow 'C' brush, which is also really stiff so it makes it easier to apply for me but the brush head is a lot bigger and thicker than I thought it would be, and I only have tiny eyes haha so it might be a bit overwhelming! Mainly got this for application on the lid and for blending. This was also £3.50! 

Hope you enjoyed this very wordy rambling read (as my posts normally are hehe :P)


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