Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fragrance Direct Purchases

So after reading Grace's blog about & her good review about it I decided to make a purchase, I've been really needing some good quality cheap make-up brushes for some time now, and sadly ELF (my make-up brush love!) is constantly out of stock! With barely £10 to my name I decided to brave it and take a risk in trying some new brushes out! 

Altogether I spent about £7 ish and Fragrance Direct offer £1.99 for their postage, which is pretty good! 
I got a Cosmopolitan Angled Contour Brush for £3.25, a W7 Angled eyeshadow brush for £1.50, and my favvvvvourite purchase the Playboy Stay The Night Brush Kit for a cheap price of £2.99, and you get 5 brushes which includes a Concealer Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Blush brush, Eye crease brush & Lip brush! 

From the testing I've done with them so far I would say that the Cosmopolitan is the worst quality, being the most expensive one! BUT it's not bad quality, it's just rougher on my face as I have really sensitive skin, and none of them shed at all, which is what I was looking for! The W7 brush is perfect really, just what a wanted, a stiffer, very angled eyeshadow brush, perfect to do maybe eyeliner or get right into the crease. The best quality was definately the Playboy brushes, in terms of softness and shape, I really really like them, In the picture online they didn't look too promising but I am more impressed then I thought I would be! I would say one thing though, They are very miniature, Perfect to obviously as the set is called 'Stay the night' & for travel in general, But I actually like the sizing, I was worried the blush brush would be really large and when I apply my blush I like to be very precise and not overwhelmed with a hugeeee brush, and then all the other brushes seem to be standard sizing anyway with the brush head size, it's just the handles that are tiny! I think for £2.99 it's such good quality and such a good deal, and also the case it comes with doubles as a stand which is awesome! The reason why I took a chance on this set is because I own a few Playboy cosmetics and thoroughly impressed with the quality of that so I thought the brushes should be good and they were! This retails at around £10 but because it is an old product which was released a few years ago it is reduced. The W7 brush is normally £3.50 and the Cosmopolitan brush is normally £4.50.

I think in terms with the shopping experience with Fragrance Direct it was very pleasant, I ordered on 4th July in the middle of the day, It was shipped on 5th & I've received it today on the 6th, Very speedy delivery for £1.99! They also gave me an update by e-mail to let me know when it was dispatched and I just think they seem really good and there is lots of bargain products i'd love to try out! I look forward to using my new brushes on my birthday night out tomorrow! 

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