Monday, 1 August 2011

H&M Items & A bit of DIY!

I ordered a few things from H&M the other day online! 

Navy Blue Oversized Jumper - £14.99 (£11.24 with 25% off discount code: 8964)

This jumper is a lush navy blue colour, It's really extra oversized, fine knitted and really comfy! I picked this colour because it really compliments my hair colour. Being extra extra white blonde is a bit of an issue when it comes to colours in clothing, I can't wear yellow, pinks, reds, the list goes onnnnnnn, because it brings out the brassy yellow tones in my hair which sucks! So this is perfect for me :) 

You can find this & in many more colours:

Gold & Cream Tooth Necklace - £3.99

I actually saw this necklace paired with this jumper on the website, but with the Raspberry Red colour instead. I haven't got a 'fang/tooth' necklace and I like how it has a little crown at the top of it. Also, the cream goes perrrfect with the navy blue! They also do this in Black & Silver.

You can find this:

5-Pack Socks with Frilly/Wavy edge - £6.99

This is a bit boring to post socks but I just had to they were so cute! I wear a lot of boots ahaha, especially on my comfy days (UGGS!!) So I like to wear longer socks because trainer socks just decide to end up slipping off my feet once I start walking! I love the little frills on theseeee! They are so cute :) I am a big kid haha. Yeah I know, again, bit boring but meh! 

You can find these:

So here's my little DIY! You might of seen this top in one of my last few posts: here
I hated this top after I got it, The arms were way too tight where the 2 white stripes were (check the picture of it before in the other post!) that I could barely move my arms in it! It was so uncomfortable, plus unflattering! But I decided to snip off the 2 white stripes and make it more open armed, and it's SO much better, So glad It's not money wasted now :P 

& here's what it looks like on :) 

Just a short post today, My posts have been so heavy recently haha, but I have a MASSIVE E.L.F haul coming up, so be prepared :P



  1. You're lucky your h&m order turned up so early, mine took well over 3 weeks! Nightmare haha x

  2. love the bears top,and the necklace is cute,and so are the socks haha :)
    I need a shopping spree

    Kate xoo