Thursday, 14 July 2011

Jewellery Storage

I received a new jewellery storage box in the mail today as my dressing table is getting so messy with all this jewellery! It's Black suede feel with a white stitching around it, and has a sort of antique coloured gold handle & lock.

I was aware when I bought the box it was going to be tiny, and it is, but luckily fits all I need inside it!

It has 3 layers, the first being this one, which as you can see is for rings (I tried to shove as many in as possible haha) & it also has a handy mirror!

The 2nd layer being for either earrings or necklaces etc. I just used this for my really fine/thin necklaces and little bracelets (i've already got somewhere to store my earrings!)

& the 3rd layer, at the bottom, which are just 2 larger slots which I was able to fit in two bracelets and my upside down cross necklace.

& Here is all the sections taken out! 

It kind of reminds me a bit of Mary Poppins bag haha, if you look at it, it looks SO small but you can actually fit a fair bit in it and I love the compartments, no more tangled up jewellery! hurrah! 

This was a bargain price of £9.49 (with free delivery) from eBay (my trusty friend !)

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  1. looks gorgeous babe, your jewellery collection looks lovely, oh and i LOVE your blog background!! xxx