Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Just a few things

Last weekend I went for a realllly fancy meal with my family, as I mentioned in my last post!

(Fancy dessert!)

I was surprised by being given a set of Swarovski Bangles as a present, & I am in loveee with them!

Both bangles are gorgeous! They are called the 'Melrose' Bangle set,

and this is what Swarovski say about them:
"This set of two rhodium-plated bangles offers a hint of the latest black and white trend. Each one is embellished with three sparkling Jet Hematite or clear crystals in bezel setting. Wear this piece of jewellery with the matching earrings for a modern, on-trend look."

I also got a few testers in the gift bag from Swarovski. The tester of the 'Aura' perfume, which I have to say is beautiful, I want to buy it but it's a bit pricey! It's a really nice floral & fresh scent.

 I also a crystal highlighter tester which is very very shimmery! Not sure If I will use this, but if you like glitter you will like this! 

I recently purchased the E.L.F Eyebrow Lifter & Filler in shade Ivory/Medium, I actually got this from Natalie's blog sale, she was selling for a bargain price of £1.00! I've been eyeing this up for a while now but couldn't get it because it was sold out on the ELF website. I purely got this as a back up for when my MAC eyebrow pencil runs out. I love the colour of the filler part, but the only downside is the size of the pencil, it's really hard to draw on because the pencil is so big! Still not entirely sure what to do with the lifter part yet!

I purchased these 'religious' style bracelets from ALDO last week, I don't have an ALDO store anywhere near me but ALDO had free delivery on the website at the time, and you could also get 10% off your first order when you signed up for the VIP list. I got these bracelets from the mens section! They are called 'WESLER' and were £7.00 for the set (I got them for £6.30 with 10% off) 

They no longer have these bracelets but they do have a similar set in brown shades called 'RHOTEN' which you can find:

Lastly I thought I'd put in a few pictures from this week, I stayed at my boyfriends house from Sunday 'til Tuesday as he's currently moving house so I went over to help out. I brought my MASSIVE red overnight bag as you can see in the pictures and I purchased the August edition of Glamour magazine, I was hoping I'd still be able to get the July version with the Benefit items but sadly I was too late! I got the August edition anyway just for something to read and got a free 'Your Personal Horoscope' book, It's such a good little freebie, I believe quite a bit into Star signs & Horoscopes & I was reading it with my mum last night and she was freaked out about how it relates to us and people we know! 

That's all for now :)


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  1. Ah I'm so jealous of your Swarovski stuff!x