Monday, 25 July 2011

Primark Haul!

Ok so today I went a bit primark crazy! I only went in there to get some work clothes for my new job, and ended up finding only one dress and loooots of other random stuff I didn't need ahaha :P In total I spent £56 but later worked out that some of the stuff was reduced and didn't say so on the tag, and also one item wasn't scanned through so I got for free! Yaaaay :)

here's the cape top I accidently got for free haha! I'm not reeeeally fond of it on, I got it really oversized because I prefer it that way and I still don't like it too much :/ But oh well it was free :P This was £8.00.

This is the dress I got for my new job :) It was £10 on the hanger and I went to the till and turns out it was £5! 

I got this top just as a casual thing for £6, Arms are a bit too tight! and there wasn't a tag on it so not sure whether to try and take it back or not! 

I really like this top! It's really flowy, a beautiful colour and doesn't show any lumps or bumps, but the only downside is it's sleeveless which I really don't like! so I'm trying to find the right cardigan to go with it! This was £8.00

I got this little black satchel for work and going out cause it's quite dainty and cute and has a nice sized strap, This was £7.00

This bracelet I got for £2.50, It's really hard to get on but I love the gold and black and also has a little tassel on the end.

These Ombre/Dip dye tassel earrings were £1.50 and I looooooove them! 

and last but not least, these Triangle 'aztec' inspired earrings I've seen circling around youtube and blogs at the moment were £2, They are gorgeous!

I did buy a few other things but they were really plain and boring so didn't think I'd include pictures :P
I got:
Black Leggings : £3
Primark 4 in 1 Face Wipes : £1
100 Denier Black Tights x2 : £2.50 each
Black strappy layering top : £2
Hair bun donut : £1
PJ Set : £7
PJ Seperates Top: £3
PJ Seperates Bottoms : £2 (were £4 but was cheaper at till!)

That's all for today :)


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  1. Great post honey! I absolutely love primark hauls! I havent been for ages! The triangle aztec earrings really remind me of some of the house of harlow jewellery!