Thursday, 28 July 2011

Weekly Buys!

Coral Flutter Top - Yayer - £7.00 (sale price from £23)

I've never ordered anything from Yayer before but I first heard about it on LLYMLRS' blog, It was a bit expensive for me (being a bargain hunter myself!), quite similar to Topshop pricing, but they had some really nice items in the sale at the moment, and I thought this top would be nice as I loved the buttons going up the back. Yayer charges £3 for delivery which isn't too bad, the sizes range from around a 6-14 and possibly a 16 but i'm not entirely sure! and they also sell vintage items too.

Black Dress - H&M (only in store) - £7.99

I saw this when I went shopping a few weeks ago to Plymouth, and thought looking at it on the hanger, 'nah, no way, that would not look nice on me'! Then I saw it again on Jennie's blog in a different colour, and thought It might look better on then it does off. So yesterday I stumbled across it in store again and decided to try it on, and I was actually really pleased with it! It's nice and flowy and doesn't cut in at the wrong places, I thought it would be ideal for my new job because it's plain and it isn't short! For £7.99 I think it's a bargain! 

Black Patent Skinny Belt - H&M (only in store) - £2.99

I wasn't planning on buying another belt, but I saw this and I just thought it was really dainty and nice to go with the black dress I got also because the dress is a bit wide and looks better cinched in at the waist! They also did this in Blue & Green (as far as I know), but i'm boring so I didn't have the guts to get a bright colour :P 

6 Pack Stud Earrings - H&M - £1.99

I originally saw these online, and I was going to buy them for the black studs, because I have some large black circle ones, which are my faaaave pair of studs, but they are a bit big and I was thinking of getting some to wear to work so they needed to be a bit smaller, so I thought I'd get these when I was in town, I also really like the square shaped ones, and I think it's great that you get all 6 for £1.99 aswell! 

10 pack stacking rings - H&M - £2.99

I just wanted a plain gold thin band ring, and I did buy one on eBay from Hong Kong that took aaages to arrive, and then I wore it ONCE, ended up with a green mark on my finger and the ring had turned to a horrible copper colour so I had to chuck out that one and find a replacement! So I found this lovely mix & match pack in store and at the moment I'm loving wearing 5 on each hand as thumb rings, it looks really nice! 

Claw/Birds foot Necklace - H&M (only in store) - £3.99

I love this so much! I thought It was gorgeous and HAD to get it! I think it really opens up the door to wearing both gold & silver jewellery at the same time! In terms of length It comes just below the chest area so it's not like the extra extra long chains that I'm used to but it goes really well with my black H&M dress! 

i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette in Storm - Sleek Makeup - £6.49

I've never bought any palettes from Sleek before but I've heard great reviews about them, and especially this one, Storm. I thought It would suit me the best because I loveee neutral eyeshadows at the moment, it's all I wear because I have Hazel coloured eyes and I think it suits really well! I'm really impressed by how pigmented these colours are and it's nice to have a few different shades that I don't in my Urban Decay Naked Palette! 

True Colour Lipstick in shade Bare All - Sleek Makeup - £3.99 (in Superdrug, on the website it says it's £4!)

I saw this in Superdrug yesterday and thought It looked sooo nice! I like how Sleek states what finish their lipsticks are, because not many do besides MAC and other higher end brands, This is a Matte lipstick, and I'm not a huge fan of Matte lippys, but this one applies really well, it is a little drying so I use a bit of a Vaseline underneath but the shade is really different from anything else I have and I find it stays for quite a long time! Have a look at a few more images of the shade: here.

Hope you liked today's post!



  1. Ahhh I need that lipstick in my life looks so nice :)

    Great buys

    Kate x

  2. I love that pinky chiffon top!! Looks so pretty, want it!

  3. you should get it! it's in the sale still for £7 and they have a size 8 and a size 12 left so if you are either of those sizes i would buy it! I got the last 14 so i was pretty happy!

  4. I love Sleek! i might pick up that lipstick it looks lovely!