Thursday, 11 August 2011

L'Oreal Summer Free Gift!

So I went to Boots after work today to pick up a order collection I'd made online for some more sea salt spray for my hair :P

Decided to have a browse and stumbled upon this beauty! L'Oreal are doing a free gift offer where If you spend £15 you get a free 'summer colour' gift box of goodies! 

These are the lovely items that came inside the box! 3 full size products and 2 samples (reminds me of a Glossybox haha)

What you get:
Infallible Brush Foundation in Golden Beige (sample) - £12.99 (you also got a £2 off voucher to buy a full size version of this foundation!)

From what you may be able to tell via the links, they don't have any of these colours of the full size products, and I've had a little google and the only place these colours are showing up are the Australian and New Zealand L'Oreal websites! 

This has to be my FAVE product of them all, I don't like it as a eyeshadow as I prefer Matte colours on my eyes, but this is a PERFECT highlighter, it's sooo shimmery without it looking tacky and the colour is just gorgeous! When it's swatched it just reminds me of a more amplified version of Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin finish by MAC! So annoyed I wouldn't be able to be another one after this one runs out! 

Here's the item's I bought to get the deal!

I have yet to try this out on my face but I have swatched a few times on my hands and my godddd, it's so soft! I got my mum to try it out aswell and she agreed how soft it was! When you first apply it it's thick like a Cream like Nivea for example, and then when you blend it in it starts to work it's magic and becomes totallyyyy 'un-cream like' and it really soft and a PERFECT base for foundation, I really hope it's as good as it feels on my hand and it's worth the price tag! 

True Match Blush in True Rose - £7.69
I actually have already had many of these in the past, They were my constant blushers before I went mad about make-up a few months ago when I started my blog! I had the shade 'Rosewood' previously and decided to opt for a more 'baby blushed cheeks' shade so I bought True Rose, also have yet to try this out (as I bought it today) but I've tried the swatch out on my hand and it looks so pretty! Plus I know the quality will be awesome because I've had plenty of the same blush before just a different colour! 

Just to go off subject now, I wanted to show you my amazing cross bangle that arrived in the mail early this morning, luckily before I left for work as I had to sign for it! 

I got it from ASOS for £5.40, I had a 10% discount code and it was originally £6.00. I've seen this a few times on the website and constantly been tempted to purchase but never got around to it! and so I finally took the plunge and got it, It's so dainty, simple and cute, I love it :) 

and this is what it looks like on :)

Hope you enjoyed this post! 


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