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Massive E.L.F Haul!

So I've posted recently that I would be doing a massive ELF Haul so here it is! I'll try not to ramble too much, just going to put some pros and cons for what I have tried out so far, to keep it short(er) and sweet! As a lot of you may know, ELF recently did a 50% off, so I went a bit mad, so yeah i bought a lot.

Kabuki Body Brush - £3.00 (£6.00)

Pros: Soft, silky feeling, picks up product well, buffs in nicely
Cons: Bit big for a face brush but only because it's a body one, face kabukis were sold out :P No shedding as of yet so not really anything bad!

Mini Eyelash Curlers - £1.75  (£3.50)
Yet to try out, had a little go, feels weird being half the size of a normal one but i think it will be good to do sections, you can get more focus on certain areas that way! 

Small Brush Holder - £2.50 (£5.00)
Can't do much of a review on it, it's a brush holder, does the job and looks all sleek with the matte black and the ELF logo :)

 Angled Eyeliner Brush - £1.75 (£3.50)
Yet to try out, First impressions: Looks great for cream/gel eyeliner, the fact it's angled and has such a fine nib/end I think will work well to do a winged eyeliner look.

Bamboo Angled Blush Brush - £2.75 (£5.50)
Pros: super soft feel, great for contouring from being angled, no shedding (yet)
Cons: None! kind of wish it was a bit bigger but besides it's perfect, and also environmentally friendly :)

Bamboo Foundation Brush - £2.75 (£5.50)
Haven't tried yet, but it feels really soft & is also eco-friendly like the angled blush brush.

Dark Navy Nail Polish - 75p (£1.50)
Yet to try out! I love this colour SOOO much though!

Mint Cream Nail Polish - 75p (£1.50)
Pros: Gorgeous colour, Opaque and easy to apply without showing the nail underneath, works wonders with the Matte finisher polish
Cons: Think it might chip easily but I can't really tell because I bite at my nails so it's probably my fault! :P

Pros: Very easy to apply, sets straight away, leaves a lovely finish
Cons: Also not sure on whether this allows the nail polish underneath to chip easily or not but no cons besides that! 

Make-up Mist & Set - £1.75 (£3.50)
Yet to try out! Not sure If I will use this much, The reviews aren't bad on Makeupalley; 3.9 out of 5!

Professional tweezer - 75p (£1.50)
Pros: Slant provides easier access to pluck hairs, Sturdy design, Not too sharp that when you accidently grab the skin it hurts horribly! 
Cons: Quite hard to like 'grab' hairs because it's quite stiff so i'm trying to make it a bit more loose, and also blunter than i'm used to but this is a bonus for me! (see pros)

3pk Oil blotting sheets - £1.75 (£3.50); 

Soothing Aloe
Yet to try out.

Clarifying Tea Tree
Tried one on my forehead, It blots the oil well and I did notice a difference.

Rejuvenating Green Tea
Yet to try out.

Mineral infused primer - £3.00 (£6.00)
Pros: Seemed to keep my make-up on quite well, went a whole working day from 7am (when applied make-up) til 5:15 (finished work) and my face was only a little bit oily, but not patchy and my make-up had not decided to go walk about! Really soft when it dries after you apply.
Cons: Feels quite wet when you go to first apply, and feels like it will never dry, Does still make my skin a little oily which my 17 Primer I always use doesn't really do so it's still 2nd best I think!

High definition powder - £3.00 (£6.00)
Pros: Extra soft, Blends in well with my skin tone (as it gives a white cast but i'm super pale anyway), Leaves a matte looking finish, hides a bit of oilyness
Cons: Does not work for me as a setting powder, it seems to remove my concealer if I put this on top of it, BUT I did see someone review this, had the same problem and then tried it out as a primer and loved it so still have hope for this yet! 

Pros: Beautiful colours, Applies and blends well
Cons: I've only used two of them (the 2 on the right, top and bottom) and the top isn't very pigmented, had to apply a few layers, but can't give a full review as not tried the whole palette.

Eyebrow kit in Medium - £1.75 (£3.50)
Pros: Already got this but in Ash, This colour is much much better, applies colour well, Double ended brush is perfect for both the gel and powder.
Cons: Thought this might of been too dark when I first got it and tested on my hand but wore it today and was pretty impressed, I have just plucked my eyebrows so I don't know whether that contributes but it looked nice anyway :P

Eye widener - 75p (£1.50)
Yet to try this out but read awful reviews on this, Actually asked to swap this for the Shimmering eye pencil in Iconic Ivory but they didn't get around to doing it because of the madness from the 50% discount, If it's bad it's only a loss of 75p so not a major issue! 

Haven't tried this out yet but as some of you may know I have a massive obsession with Eyeko's Grafitti Eyeliner Pen, It's the best eyeliner product I've ever bought haha, But I thought I'd try ELF's because it's cheaper and they stated it had a finer nib, and this is trueeee, I held the two next to each other and if you're scared of eyeliner then this is a good starter for you, the nib is really thin and I even got one of these for my mum because of that reason as she tried my Eyeko one and the end was too bulky for her! Also helps that the ELF one is waterproof! 

Matte lip colour in Coral - £1.75 (£3.50)
Pros: Gorgeous unique colour (for my lipstick collection), Opaque, applies easily and because you draw it on you can do it nice around your cupids bow
Cons: Haven't tried it long enough to find out, It's a little bit crackly on me, it's not as glossy as Eyeko's lip pens so if you smush your lips together it can cause a crease/line so you have to keep an eye on that! 

Matte lip colour in Natural - £1.75 (£3.50)
Yet to try this on my lips so I don't know about the colour besides the swatch I've done but I imagine the application will be the same as the Coral one (above)

Have only tried a little on my lips but haven't had a thorough look at it, from my swatches it's clear there is definitely a tint to it but I don't think it shows up on my lips, It just kind of reminds me of a Vaseline that's slightly tinted so, not incredibly amazed but I haven't tried it enough yet to see properly! 

Lipstick in Seductive - 75p (£1.50)
Not tried out on my lips but swatched and colour was NOTHING like the swatch on the website but I have heard that about a lot of ELF stuff! It's a nice enough colour but I doubt it will be used very much as it's not really my colour! It's not a matte lipstick but more of a glossy lipstick from what I can tell by how it felt swatching it on my hand.

Swatches of lip products :)

Pros: Good for a highlighter, Nice shimmery gold finish which isn't too overwhelming
Cons: Not good as a bronzer, I'm really pale (NC15) and it was still too light for me to be a bronzer, Also didn't think it stayed very long

Pros: Nice shade of colour with the mixed in gold shimmer
Cons: Sorry to anyone who loves this but I found this dreadful for application! The colour looked beautiful swatched & I was so excited but I was applying and applying with my blush brush and it wouldn't show, the glittery/shimmer would show, but not the actual 'blush' part, Ended up having to scrap the idea and put on MAC Melba blush instead! Also the packaging it awful, it takes me donkeys years to get into the blusher! haha, i've had to leave it halfway open ! 

Swatches of blush & bronzer

This post took me absolutely forever to write so hope you enjoy!


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