Saturday, 20 August 2011

Recent Buys!

Here's a few recent buys for you :)

I love this, it's sooo snug, so soft and really over-sized, they also do this in a mid-pink colour. It has little sparkly bits which isn't too in your face, just the right amount!

Triangle over-sized earrings - Topshop - £6.50

Been wanting triangle shaped studs for agesss now and I do love these but they are really heavy so not sure if these will be used enough! 

Multi-coloured double finger ring - Topshop (in store only) - £1.50 (sale)

You can't tell much by the picture but this ring kind of has a glass/crystallised layer which is multi coloured when you move it it's like pinks and greens etc.! Hard to explain! But I got this for a bargain from the Topshop sale down from £10! 

Small black stone ring (style 5) - LLYMLRS shop - £4.00

Love this little ring! It's adjustable and I love the detailing on the border, I love the jewellery from LLYMLRS also, she does some great stuff! 

I've been wanting a cream blush for ageees, and didn't really like any of the colours from MAC but I'd heard many great things about the Topshop ones so I thought I'd buy one! I've used it a few times and I think It's a lot easier to put it on with a brush because it blends better for me then, and it's SUCH a nice colour, only downside I think is that it doesn't really seem to stick, and because it's a cream I think it takes off my foundation layer a little bit D: 

Grunge glamour tousled salt spray - Umberto Giannini - £5.61

Tried this out for the first time yesterday and I'm actually pretty impressed with it! I've been looking for a replacement sea salt spray because I think they've discontinued my vo5 one that I love so much :( & This one gave quite tight waves which was a nice beachy look. I would recommend!

That's all for today folks! 



  1. ooh lovely buy's!
    that cardigan is really preety xx

  2. LOVEEEEE the cardigan ,i need one :) i need that blush too

    kate xxxx