Saturday, 27 August 2011

Wash & Glow! Glossybox - August 2011

So I received my August Glossybox a little while ago and have been having a go with some of the products!

This month's edition is circled around 'Wash & Glow: High performing products for easy-going girls' 

They wanted to do a box all around making the most of your natural beauty basically! 

I think I was pretty lucky with what I got in comparison to other people's boxes I've seen in the blogging world! 

So here's the box :) It was already opened when I took the pictures this time that's why the bow looks so badly done haha.

The info for the products I got this month..

And here's what I got :D 

Daniel Sandler Jumbo Jet Mascara - 15ml (Full Size) priced at £14.75
I'm quite glad I got this actually because I saw other people get the 'Baby Jet' version from Daniel Sandler which was aimed at people with short lashes or who wanted to use it for their bottom lashes, but my lashes are naturally quite long so I wouldn't of gotten much use out of 'Baby Jet', This however, I quite like, I don't think it will be one I constantly use but I found it does give quite a 'natural' extended lash look, It doesn't look clumpy in any way, It works really good on my bottom lashes, but doesn't make my top lashes 'spider like' long, which is what I normally like :P I think this will come in handy if I'm wearing a really dramatic eyeshadow look and want to calm it down with a more natural looking mascara. This is a full sized product you get also!

Rebel Nails Nail Wraps for Toes - Full size priced at £7.99
Yet to try this out, But I can't say this will be used very much, I'm not a massive 'nail' person, and this was a bit disappointing to get something like nail wraps for 1. Toes and 2. in a Brown paper bag colour. I'm intrigued to try these out but I think they'll be too big on my teeny nails haha. Meh, so yeah, Can't say much about this having not tried it, but I did see someone on YouTube get these horrible multi-coloured toe wraps in their August Glossybox, think I'd rather have the paper bag ones! This is a full sized packet. 

KMS Hairstay Style Boost  - 200ml (Full size) Found on linked website for £6.99
The company describe this as 'Primer for your hair', It's supposed to enhance any product you put on after this, I've tried this once and tried using my Umberto Giannini Sea Salt Spray after using this, to see if it made the curls any better, and to be honest I didn't really see any difference, This product is reeeeally strange though, when you put it on your hand it instantly cools it, it's like proper ice cold it's freaky! and it also 'crackles' like popping candy, it's odd! Not sure I like this, but you do get the full sized product! 

Ahava Deadsea Water Mineral Body Lotion - 40ml Tester (Full size 250ml priced at £22.00) 
 I have to say I quite like this product, It smells really really good and I used it after I had a shower before going out and made my legs & arms feel really silky smooth! I don't really wear body lotion but If it smells this good I probably would be converted!  This is a sample size!

Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser - 30ml Tester (Full size 200ml priced at £29.00)
I'm quite excited seeing this in my box, I'm terribly spot prone, so I was hoping Glossybox would finally put in something worthwhile to help clear up my skin!  I can't really review this yet, I've used it once, But as most spot treatments are like, You normally have to wait a little while to see the results! After using this It kind of reminded me of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, It gave a nice clean feeling after use, Doesn't smell like chemicals, and I think it's quite a good little sized tester as you don't need to use very much! I will have to see how I get on with this and see if it's good enough to buy the full sized product! 

That's all for today folks!


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  1. you got better nail stickers than my horrid patterned ones! Also I wish I got the jumbo mascara, although i'm using the skinny one it is still good for bottom lashes x xx