Sunday, 25 September 2011

Travalo/Perfume Atomizer Review

So recently I won a Travalo from Natalie's competition on Twitter, Travalo were giving people the chance to vote for their favourite beauty guru (out of 3 people) and whoever won was able to give a free prize to a certain amount of their followers/subscribers. Luckily Natalie won, and she was able to give 10 of her followers a Travalo! I was lucky number 10, only managed to just scrape through and win one haha! The Travalo retails at around £10.
If you don't know what a Travalo is, It's a perfume atomizer, google it! 

It's basically a little spray bottle with a hole in the end of it where you can put your own perfume inside it which is brilliant for holidays, nights out, you name it! You can also bring these with your carry on luggage if you're flying because it's such a dainty size! 

Here is the Travalo I won from Natalie, It's a sort of metallic blue colour!

Before I won a Travalo from Natalie I first saw her Travalo review on YouTube, and decided I wanted one! But I didn't want to pay £10 for it, So I found this purple replica on eBay for about £5? Bargain!

As you can see the Travalo/Perfume atomizers have holes in the bottom of them where you insert the perfume. 

Step 1:
Grab your perfume/spray of choice! I tested this out with Spring Blossom body spray by H&M.

Step 2:
Take off the nozzle/top of the bottle so you just have the part where the spray comes out of. 

Step 3:
Insert the nozzle into the Travalo to pump the perfume/spray into the Travalo.

Then that's it! So simple! Then you just take the lid off the Travalo and spray away,

You can also get cleansers to clean out old perfume but I'm not sure what these are called or how much they are!

The official Travalo looks a little bigger than the eBay one I bought but I think they both hold 50 sprays!

You can buy the official Travalo:

and a cheap eBay version:

Hope you liked this review post!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Snakeskin Shirt

I went for a quick shop with my boyfriend earlier, I was in dyer need of some new leggings (mine are falling apart) and some concealer, But I thought I'd have a quick browse in Primark because I haven't in months! I came across this gorgeous snakeskin shirt, As you may or may not know, Snake print seems to be all the rage  in the fashion world at the moment! 

I got a few sizes bigger in this shirt because it seems to be quite 'cropped' and I'm not really a fan of cropped tops and the bigger size was longer on me! 

This top has a 'grandad' collar and  is really drapey, flowy and has oversized sort of batwing-ish arms.

I don't particularly like grandad collars, or wearing shirts buttoned all the way up, I don't think it suits me! So the original photos of this shirt were with it buttoned down, but then I tried it buttoned up with my mini gold cross necklace and really preferred it when compared to the buttoned down photos! 

You can get this beauty for only £8 at Primark! Bargain!

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Eyes of the Day: 20/09/11 - Amber Lights

So I wasn't sure on what to call this post, 'eye shadow of the day' 'eye make-up of the day' etc. so I just settled on 'eyes of the day' :P 

I thought I'd post a little something extra today because I've been seriously lacking in posts and I've been constantly asked by friends to post more :P 

I borrowed Amber Lights eye-shadow by MAC from my Mum absolutely years ago and it ended up in the drawer of unused make-up, But I decided to put it to good use today, It's such a lovely sparkly orangey gold colour, it's just really really nice!

I quite like the results! 

I applied Amber Lights to the lid and applied a Dark Brown eye-shadow from the Natural E.L.F Beauty School Palette on the outer v and crease.

I also applied Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara and a Rimmel Dark Brown Eyeliner :)

You can find the products mentioned here:

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Recent Buys!

It's been a while since I've post any recent buys so decided to post some!

Miso Drop Disc Earrings - Republic - £4.99
I recently got these with an order from Republic, where there was a deal that you can get £10 off when you spent £50, the rest of the items I bought I'm going to be posting in an OOTD so thought I'd leave them out instead of posting the same things twice! 

Black  & Gold Stone Ring - Matalan - £5
Bit pricey for Matalan but I thought It was gorgeous and had to add it to my gold jewellery collection!

Gunmetal/Black Silver Cross Stud Earrings - Coleyful Blog Shop - £3.50
Recently bought these from Nichole's blog shop, I love her stuff sooo much and have bought 3 items to date from her haha! She does wonderful cross jewellery for a STEAL of a price, These particular earrings are IDENTICAL to a pair from Regal Rose, but Regal Rose charge £10 whereas Nichole charges £3.50! She also made me a Hamsa Hand bracelet which I specifically asked for and she was kind enough to make it for me! If anyone loves Cross Jewellery or Jewellery in general like I do, I would highly recommend checking her out, She makes all this herself and It's great quality! 

Viva Glam Gaga 2 - MAC - £12.15 (RRP: £13.50)
Debenhams recently had an awesome deal where it was 10% off Beauty online & free delivery! So It was the perfect opportunity to purchase a new MAC Lipstick! I've been wanting a nice nude colour from MAC as I still don't own one! I don't like the majority of MAC's nude colours as they all have to have pink tones in them and I wanted more of a proper 'beige' nude. So I settled on Viva Glam Gaga 2, It's absolutely fab! It's an amplified finish which I haven't tried before but I'm really happy with it!

Matte Lipstick in Mauve It Over 003 - Revlon - £7.49 (I purchased mine off eBay for £6)
I'm really liking Revlon lipsticks at the moment! This lipstick is almost identical to my lip colour haha but it's good because It brightens and evens the colour so it's a 'better than my lips' kind of shade which I think it great for a more natural or minimal look.

Superlustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice 720 - Revlon - £7.49 (also purchased off eBay for £6!)
I'd been wanting the Lady Danger lipstick by MAC for ageees but It was too expensive at the time so I decided to hunt for a dupe, I googled away and came across this beauty, Fire & Ice by Revlon, I really love this colour! It's quite amplified and reminds me of an old favourite 'Alarm' by Rimmel (my first ever red lipstick ;]) but a bit brighter! Really nice moisturising finish and I love the gold shiny packaging! 

Just a few bits and pieces and the rest I'll show you in my next couple OOTD's!

That's all folks!


Monday, 19 September 2011

OOTD - 14/09/11

Bit delayed posting this! I wore this a few days ago, Haven't worn this shirt very much but thought It looked really nice with my dusty pink oversized cardi so here you go! 

Floral shirt - - £18
Oversized cardigan - New Look - £22.99
Black vest (for layering) - Primark - £2
Black leggings - Primark - £3

Gold Cross Necklace - ASOS - £6

Friendship bracelets (from pack of 4) - Miss Selfridge - £4.25 (sale)

Square ring - H&M - £3.99

Chunky Bracelet - Primark - £2

Triangle Earrings - Topshop - £6.50

Messy bun :)

Storm Palette Eye-shadow - Sleek make-up - £6.49
(2 colours on lid and crease)
Graffiti Eye-liner Pen - Eyeko - £5.50 (before they re-branded!)
(winged liner on lid)
2000 Calorie Mascara- Maxfactor - £7.99

Lipstick in shade 3 - MUA - £1!

So that's it! I also had some great news today, I actually won a Twitter Competition for and got £50 to spend on a retailer of my choice! Made my day! I picked as I saw some looooovely things there and will most definately do a haul with what I bought ! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

OOTD - 13/09/11

Recently received the niceeeeeeest blouse ever in the mail and created this little outfit using some items that have been left to gather dust in the closet and never been used! 

Light Beige Blouse - H&M - £29.99 (£17 using discount codes from
Black vest top (for layering) - New Look - £3.99
Black mini skirt - H&M - £2.99
Black shape/sculpt leggings (the material feels like tights!) - Primark - £3/£4

Gold extra long cross necklace (changed chain because the original had gone sooo rusty!) - ASOS - £6.00 

Triangle oversized studs - Topshop - £6.50

Brown satchel worn as handbag (tucked in strap!) - Matalan - £12.00
(Purchased this about a year ago, never been worn, have linked a similar bag!)

Multi colour double finger ring - Topshop - £1.50 (sale)

Gold square ring - H&M - £3.99

Military heeled boots - eBay - £30ish
(bought last year, never been worn, they no longer sell these but I have linked the seller anyway!)

Storm Palette - Sleek Makeup - £6.49
(First colours on the left on Top & Bottom row, Top colour on lid and bottom colour in crease.)
2000 Calorie Mascara - Maxfactor - £7.99 
Dark brown eye liner pencil - Rimmel - Borrowed from family member! Don't know price!
(on waterline)

Also wore the Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick with this look, but the picture was making it look pink, which it isn't, it's taupe/nude! I recently bought this lippy from Debenhams last week as they had an offer where it was Free Delivery & 10% off the Beauty department, so I got this for £12.15! 

In conclusion to this outfit post, proves you can find some nice forgotten gems if you bother to dig through your wardrobe every now and then haha!

Hope you liked this outfit! 


Monday, 12 September 2011

Babyliss Pro 25-13mm Conical Wand

My hair has been awfully flat recently and so my beloved Sea Salt spray i always use to wave my hair just hasn't been working it's best! So I decided to splurge out on a Conical Wand, I've seen good reviews on them so I got the Babyliss Pro 25-13mm Conical Wand.

 The 25-13mm is the 'regular' or the 'medium' one, I guess! They also do 'thin' and 'wide'.

I got mine in pink cause the one I found was cheaper than the black because I purchased it on eBay, Brand new & sealed for £22 (inc. P&P): here.
But If you're interested in buying and there isn't any left I would recommend here.

The wand itself comes with a Heat mat and Protective finger shields which is handy! I don't really like the finger shields, I normally burn my wrist if anything and these don't protect my wrist! Plus they're a nightmare to stay on. So I bought a Heat proof finger glove from Amazon to use instead because it covers my wrist! 

The features of the conical wand include:
25 variable heat settings, total control for various styles and hair types
Safety cool tip
Comfort grip handle
Salon length swivel cord
Heat ready indicator lights
25-13mm commercial grade porcelain barrel with ultra smooth surface

My thoughts:
I'm quite impressed with this device, I love how you can adjust the heat, I had a spiral curling tong before which was just so difficult to use because you had to spend ages getting each individual section wrapped in the spiral, and doing that on my length head of hair took about 2-3 hours haha! So I scrapped that & If I've curled my hair it's been with my straighteners, but it just rips through my hair with all that tugging to curl it, so I imagine it doesn't do my hair any good! Being able to wrap the hair around the wand how you want comes in handy for someone like me who has longer hair and makes it quicker and more efficient! I found for tighter curls like shown in the picture it took me about 20-30 minutes! 

It also makes your hair feel so nice afterwards, not all scraggly or tangled from tugging like It felt with straighteners. It left my hair soft & silky and the curls stay well, but I've seen reviews which say If you want your curls to last longer then use a higher heat setting. I used heat setting 19 to get this effect.

All in all I'm impressed, It's a great size barrel for my hair length, I love the swivel cord, and I like how the tip of the styler doesn't get hot because that's normally how I get burnt! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

OOTD - 07/09/11

This is an outfit from yesterday, I didn't actually wear this out but I was playing dress up so here you go :)

Top: New Look - around £12-£16 - bought a few months ago!

Leggings: Primark - £3 
Shoes: eBay - £21.48 (inc P&P)

Bracelet: Lou Makes - £2.60 (inc P&P)

Stacking rings (sold out online) - H&M - £3.99  (for 10)
2 finger Skull - eBay - £3.79 (purchased from a diff seller a while ago)

Necklace: Primark - £1 (men's section, present from my lovely mum!)
[this necklace did have 3 layers but it was too much going on for me so i took two of the chains off!]

Earrings: H&M - £3/£4ish (bought a few years ago) 

Bag: ASOS - £28 

Lipstick in shade Coquette: Lime Crime - $16 (just over £10!)
[Thought I'd say a little something about this lipstick! I just love it! It's so thick, opaque and creamy, and the colour is perfect! Lime Crime lippy's are such good quality! I highly recommend this!]

My hair style in the first picture you'll see a bit more about in the next post!

That's all folks!