Monday, 12 September 2011

Babyliss Pro 25-13mm Conical Wand

My hair has been awfully flat recently and so my beloved Sea Salt spray i always use to wave my hair just hasn't been working it's best! So I decided to splurge out on a Conical Wand, I've seen good reviews on them so I got the Babyliss Pro 25-13mm Conical Wand.

 The 25-13mm is the 'regular' or the 'medium' one, I guess! They also do 'thin' and 'wide'.

I got mine in pink cause the one I found was cheaper than the black because I purchased it on eBay, Brand new & sealed for £22 (inc. P&P): here.
But If you're interested in buying and there isn't any left I would recommend here.

The wand itself comes with a Heat mat and Protective finger shields which is handy! I don't really like the finger shields, I normally burn my wrist if anything and these don't protect my wrist! Plus they're a nightmare to stay on. So I bought a Heat proof finger glove from Amazon to use instead because it covers my wrist! 

The features of the conical wand include:
25 variable heat settings, total control for various styles and hair types
Safety cool tip
Comfort grip handle
Salon length swivel cord
Heat ready indicator lights
25-13mm commercial grade porcelain barrel with ultra smooth surface

My thoughts:
I'm quite impressed with this device, I love how you can adjust the heat, I had a spiral curling tong before which was just so difficult to use because you had to spend ages getting each individual section wrapped in the spiral, and doing that on my length head of hair took about 2-3 hours haha! So I scrapped that & If I've curled my hair it's been with my straighteners, but it just rips through my hair with all that tugging to curl it, so I imagine it doesn't do my hair any good! Being able to wrap the hair around the wand how you want comes in handy for someone like me who has longer hair and makes it quicker and more efficient! I found for tighter curls like shown in the picture it took me about 20-30 minutes! 

It also makes your hair feel so nice afterwards, not all scraggly or tangled from tugging like It felt with straighteners. It left my hair soft & silky and the curls stay well, but I've seen reviews which say If you want your curls to last longer then use a higher heat setting. I used heat setting 19 to get this effect.

All in all I'm impressed, It's a great size barrel for my hair length, I love the swivel cord, and I like how the tip of the styler doesn't get hot because that's normally how I get burnt! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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