Saturday, 3 September 2011

BeautyUK Combo Palette - Amazon

I'm quite loving the BeautyUK eye shadow palettes at the moment, and I was quite intrigued to see this particular one, which is a combo palette of 6 eye shadows & two gel-based eye liners. You also get a double ended eye shadow & liner brush. This is in shade 2 - Amazon.

The picture on BeautyUK's website doesn't do it any justice at all ! The colour's look like they are Red/Pink, not anything like the Natural/Browny tones that they are! I decided to buy this through seeing other picture's online posted by buyers. 

I have to say I love these colours, It's quite a good range involving browns, smokey shades and a reeeeeeally nice coppery orange which I'm quite excited to try out, I'd love to use this colour to line my lower lash line! 

The brush itself is pretty awful to be honest ! I like the liner end, it does the job well, but the eye shadow end it awful! it's terribleee and just makes all the product fall off and run down your face when applying! 

I actually used two of the shades in my last post, My 'Workwear OOTD', I used the white colour on the bottom left side of the pan for the lid, and the purple toned shade on the top right side of the pan for the crease. They are quite glittery but not an overwhelming sparkle which is ideal for me, as I don't like glitter very much! It doesn't suit me!  

(with flash)

(without flash)

Here's swatches of all the product, I have yet to try out the eye liners, but they came out quite well on my hand, the Black not so much, it isn't as jet black as my ELF cream liner that I normally use, but the brown I quite like, I think I'll use it a fair bit as I'm loving brown liner at the moment because I'm wearing a lot of brown/neutral shades! 

All in all, quite a happy purchase from BeautyUK, and being only £3.99, it's a bargain!

I purchased this directly from BeautyUK, They also sell this in Superdrug but I couldn't find it on the website or in my local store, & BeautyUK only charge £1.75 for postage, so not bad at all! I was really quite impressed with the packaging too! They sent it in a lovely bright pink parcel and it was quite a speedy delivery!

You can purchase this from BeautyUK:

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  1. I really want to get this palette, mostly for the copper/orange colour, it looks gorgeous!