Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Eyes of the Day: 20/09/11 - Amber Lights

So I wasn't sure on what to call this post, 'eye shadow of the day' 'eye make-up of the day' etc. so I just settled on 'eyes of the day' :P 

I thought I'd post a little something extra today because I've been seriously lacking in posts and I've been constantly asked by friends to post more :P 

I borrowed Amber Lights eye-shadow by MAC from my Mum absolutely years ago and it ended up in the drawer of unused make-up, But I decided to put it to good use today, It's such a lovely sparkly orangey gold colour, it's just really really nice!

I quite like the results! 

I applied Amber Lights to the lid and applied a Dark Brown eye-shadow from the Natural E.L.F Beauty School Palette on the outer v and crease.

I also applied Maxfactor 2000 Calorie Mascara and a Rimmel Dark Brown Eyeliner :)

You can find the products mentioned here:

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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