Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Recent Buys!

It's been a while since I've post any recent buys so decided to post some!

Miso Drop Disc Earrings - Republic - £4.99
I recently got these with an order from Republic, where there was a deal that you can get £10 off when you spent £50, the rest of the items I bought I'm going to be posting in an OOTD so thought I'd leave them out instead of posting the same things twice! 

Black  & Gold Stone Ring - Matalan - £5
Bit pricey for Matalan but I thought It was gorgeous and had to add it to my gold jewellery collection!

Gunmetal/Black Silver Cross Stud Earrings - Coleyful Blog Shop - £3.50
Recently bought these from Nichole's blog shop, I love her stuff sooo much and have bought 3 items to date from her haha! She does wonderful cross jewellery for a STEAL of a price, These particular earrings are IDENTICAL to a pair from Regal Rose, but Regal Rose charge £10 whereas Nichole charges £3.50! She also made me a Hamsa Hand bracelet which I specifically asked for and she was kind enough to make it for me! If anyone loves Cross Jewellery or Jewellery in general like I do, I would highly recommend checking her out, She makes all this herself and It's great quality! 

Viva Glam Gaga 2 - MAC - £12.15 (RRP: £13.50)
Debenhams recently had an awesome deal where it was 10% off Beauty online & free delivery! So It was the perfect opportunity to purchase a new MAC Lipstick! I've been wanting a nice nude colour from MAC as I still don't own one! I don't like the majority of MAC's nude colours as they all have to have pink tones in them and I wanted more of a proper 'beige' nude. So I settled on Viva Glam Gaga 2, It's absolutely fab! It's an amplified finish which I haven't tried before but I'm really happy with it!

Matte Lipstick in Mauve It Over 003 - Revlon - £7.49 (I purchased mine off eBay for £6)
I'm really liking Revlon lipsticks at the moment! This lipstick is almost identical to my lip colour haha but it's good because It brightens and evens the colour so it's a 'better than my lips' kind of shade which I think it great for a more natural or minimal look.

Superlustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice 720 - Revlon - £7.49 (also purchased off eBay for £6!)
I'd been wanting the Lady Danger lipstick by MAC for ageees but It was too expensive at the time so I decided to hunt for a dupe, I googled away and came across this beauty, Fire & Ice by Revlon, I really love this colour! It's quite amplified and reminds me of an old favourite 'Alarm' by Rimmel (my first ever red lipstick ;]) but a bit brighter! Really nice moisturising finish and I love the gold shiny packaging! 

Just a few bits and pieces and the rest I'll show you in my next couple OOTD's!

That's all folks!


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  1. ooooo that red lipstick is amazing,you are the queen of finding good lipsticks :D

    kate xo