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September '11 Glossybox - 5 Future Classics

Here is my Glossybox Post for this month! 

This month was all about '5 Future Classics', Pretty much the products that Glossybox think you should try out now that they think will be big hits and favourites in the UK in the future! 

The list of products I received this month.

My products! 

- Sample Sized (Full size - 50ml - retails at £9.99)

Firstly, I received the MOA Green Balm, I'm really glad I got this as I got my box really late and did have a look at the spoilers online so I had an idea of the products I'd like to give a try! I think this stuff is a really good idea, It's not your everyday balm, it's actually a 'healing balm'  which claims to 'soothe, nourish and renew dry, itchy skin conditions, bumps, bites, grazes and minor burns', You can also use this as a facial cleansing burn, I was quite intrigued by this because I heard you can also use it for little things like stretch marks and cold sores, I (luckily) don't suffer from cold sores but I do have a few stretch marks that are very annoying and I'd love to try this out on them but it would take a while of continuous use to see if this works so sadly I can't tell you if it works for that reason right now! But I have used it as a lip balm and on dry patches of skin and it does the job! I also quite like the smell, it smells fresh and kind of reminds me of green tea. I really want to try this out for dry skin on your feet because MOA posts their recommendations on how to use the product on their Facebook page which has really helped me learn what to use the product for on myself! 

- 2 Sample Sachets (Full size tub retail price ranges from £9-£13)

The only thing I haven't tried out of my Glossybox so I can't tell you my opinion, But I'm really not a big exfoliator, I know some of you may think that's awful and disgusting but I don't really have any serious skin issues haha, I would like to try this though on a special pamper day for myself maybe hah! They sell this @ Holland & Barrett (which I've linked because it's a high street shop!) which I thought was quite surprising! I haven't heard of the brand 'Spa Magik' personally before but the company describes this product as: 

'A harmonious blend of pure Dead Sea Salts, vitamin E and coconut oil,with a hypnotic citrus aroma, make up this wonderfully pampering body exfoliator for a relaxing yet energising home spa experience.'

- Sample product (Full size bottle retails at around £70)

So I know not many people were impressed with this! A lot of people thought It would be much better suited to their mothers, even grandmothers etc! and that all seemed to be because of it's florally 'granny's house' sort of smell, but I personally quite like it, To me it seems like a mix of an actual plum fruit itself and 'granny house floral', I will wear this tester personally but I wouldn't buy it as It's not the most amazing smelling perfume I've found, but I did steal my sister's from her Glossybox too! I think this would come in handy for a quick perfume touch up on a night out but I say again, It wouldn't get a re-purchase! 

- Full size product (100ml) - £11.95

This is one of the only full size products in the box this month, but I'm quite glad It is because I really like getting new hair products to try, I was disappointed in one of the last box's products being a 'hair primer' by KMS California, it really didn't work and made my hair crackly and sticky! But I quite like this product, I don't think it actually effects much of the 'shine' as my hair is soo blonde you can't really tell if it works haha, But It does give it a lovely soft texture and the smell is AMAZING! I would of rather gotten the Intensive Hair Treatment (which sadly my sister got >->) but this is still a nice product!

- Full size product - £19.95

The other full size product in my box! This is my favourite product out of this months box! I prefer getting make-up products in the Glossybox's as I'm make-up mad! I'm really happy with this product, and also the shade I got my product in, A lot of people have been getting the Blonde 'Bombshell' version and wanting to swap with other's for Vamp! I am blonde myself so shouldn't really have a dark version but I don't wear my brows 'ash' or 'blonde' coloured because my hair is naturally brown which means my eyebrows are a mousy brown and it looks better if I fill them in with a cool-toned brown pencil/powder! I mainly like this shade because it makes it easier to use the whole palette just for eye shadow if you don't fill in your brows! Luckily I do both and I use the bottom left brown to fill in my brows and then use the top left nude shade to lighten them up a little so they don't go too dark! I've also used the bottom right brown as a outer v eye shadow recently so I'm definately getting use out of this product! I think I would definately re-purchase this item, I've wanted this for a while after seeing a review on Louise's blog in August but I didn't know where you could buy them but luckily they've now added an online shop (linked above) which makes this easier!

So I tried to make this a bit of a different post this month and try to give it more of a 'review' feel instead of just 'what's in my box'! Not sure how I did but I hope you enjoyed reading!

Have you tried Glossybox? If so, what do you think of the boxes so far or if not, are you interested in trying it?


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