Thursday, 22 September 2011

Snakeskin Shirt

I went for a quick shop with my boyfriend earlier, I was in dyer need of some new leggings (mine are falling apart) and some concealer, But I thought I'd have a quick browse in Primark because I haven't in months! I came across this gorgeous snakeskin shirt, As you may or may not know, Snake print seems to be all the rage  in the fashion world at the moment! 

I got a few sizes bigger in this shirt because it seems to be quite 'cropped' and I'm not really a fan of cropped tops and the bigger size was longer on me! 

This top has a 'grandad' collar and  is really drapey, flowy and has oversized sort of batwing-ish arms.

I don't particularly like grandad collars, or wearing shirts buttoned all the way up, I don't think it suits me! So the original photos of this shirt were with it buttoned down, but then I tried it buttoned up with my mini gold cross necklace and really preferred it when compared to the buttoned down photos! 

You can get this beauty for only £8 at Primark! Bargain!

Hope you liked this post!