Sunday, 25 September 2011

Travalo/Perfume Atomizer Review

So recently I won a Travalo from Natalie's competition on Twitter, Travalo were giving people the chance to vote for their favourite beauty guru (out of 3 people) and whoever won was able to give a free prize to a certain amount of their followers/subscribers. Luckily Natalie won, and she was able to give 10 of her followers a Travalo! I was lucky number 10, only managed to just scrape through and win one haha! The Travalo retails at around £10.
If you don't know what a Travalo is, It's a perfume atomizer, google it! 

It's basically a little spray bottle with a hole in the end of it where you can put your own perfume inside it which is brilliant for holidays, nights out, you name it! You can also bring these with your carry on luggage if you're flying because it's such a dainty size! 

Here is the Travalo I won from Natalie, It's a sort of metallic blue colour!

Before I won a Travalo from Natalie I first saw her Travalo review on YouTube, and decided I wanted one! But I didn't want to pay £10 for it, So I found this purple replica on eBay for about £5? Bargain!

As you can see the Travalo/Perfume atomizers have holes in the bottom of them where you insert the perfume. 

Step 1:
Grab your perfume/spray of choice! I tested this out with Spring Blossom body spray by H&M.

Step 2:
Take off the nozzle/top of the bottle so you just have the part where the spray comes out of. 

Step 3:
Insert the nozzle into the Travalo to pump the perfume/spray into the Travalo.

Then that's it! So simple! Then you just take the lid off the Travalo and spray away,

You can also get cleansers to clean out old perfume but I'm not sure what these are called or how much they are!

The official Travalo looks a little bigger than the eBay one I bought but I think they both hold 50 sprays!

You can buy the official Travalo:

and a cheap eBay version:

Hope you liked this review post!


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  1. Ohmygod, I was literally checking these out yesterday, trying to decide if I wanted to get one! I really really really want one now :) I hate carrying my huge bottles of perfume around, so I think I'll have to invest in a few atomisers. These are such a great idea! <3