Saturday, 29 October 2011

Collective Haul for October!

 So instead of just doing a normal haul with random bits I've purchased on certain days I thought I'd do another 'collective haul' because I'm a bit skint at the moment and haven't been buying tons of things haha, So this is just stuff I've collected this month and I think one or 2 might be from late last month aswell.

Gold 'Slave' Chain - eBay - £4.65
Been wanting a gold ring/hand chain thing for a while now and found this one on eBay, I could of got this cheaper if I purchased from a chinese eBay seller but couldn't be fussed with waiting 3 weeks or more for delivery so paid a little more and purchased from a UK seller! Really love this ring but the ring sizes are really small, I'm normally 17mm (or US size 7) but I think the biggest ring is like a size 6? haha! If you have tiny fingers then this will be perfect for you!

Neon Pink Clock Ring - Primark - £3
Seen this in Primark a few times now and it never really took my interest but I absolutely hate wearing watches, I feel they look really silly on me, so I thought I could provide myself with the time with a different type of jewellery!

Strappy Suede Wedges - H&M - £19.99
Recently saw these in my local H&M and fell in love! I love H&M's wedges as they are the right height for me and the soles are really thick so they're not wobbly shoes as I just cannot walk in heels to save my life! Had a bit of a dilemma with these though, I'm normally a size 6 so I purchased a 6, took them home and they were way too slidey at the back, so brought them back and got a 5 and the 5 aren't slidey now which is great but because I have wide feet the straps really dig into my foot and are so tight they might aswell the cut circulation off in my right foot haha but I'm hoping the straps will loosen a little after a few uses because they are so comfy besides that :(

Ornate Key & Pearl Short Necklace - - £10
I actually won this on twitter! AWeatheredPenny are a lovely company and they had a giveway for this specific necklace and luckily I won it! I couldn't believe it was £10 when I saw what I'd won but once I received it I realised why, because It's just so nicely detailed and the quality is really good I think it's higher than my usual Primark standard! I'm glad It's a Key pendant aswell because I don't actually have anything with a key on it! Even though I won this I really think people should check the company out, they were so lovely to me and they were so quick with posting even though with some companies if you win something they leave you last to deliver to because you won it and didn't pay for it haha. 

'High Heels High Hopes' Dusty Pink Baggy Top - H&M - £9.99
Absolutely love this! I first saw it in Gracie's YouTube Video and then saw it when I went shopping in another city nearby with my friend on Monday, and was going to purchase it but then didn't, then I decided I really did like it and bought it in my local H&M on Wednesday haha. They also do this in white with black writing but I really loved the pink! I don't really like pink, because my hair is so blonde I feel like a Barbie but I absolutely love dusty pinks and faded dark pink sort of shades! 

Patent Brogues/Bowling Shoes - Primark - £9.90
These were actually in the sale in Primark down from £14, I don't think I would of paid that much for them but they are very comfy and I don't own any 'brogue' style shoes because I've purchased ones from Primark before and they just look too 'skinny' on my feet and make my legs look weird :S but these are more structured and I think they quite resemble bowling shoes! A few of my friends absolutely hate these but oh well, when I saw them I thought, 'these look so ugly but somehow they are beautiful', My mind is strange aha :P

Dark Green Chiffon Blouse - H&M - £14.99 
(Got mine for £11.24 with discount from
My favourite thing about this top is the colour! The arms are nice and baggy aswell which I love, Kind of wish I got a size smaller, because I thought It may be tighter fitting and I love baggy but it's a bit unflatteringly loose and I got a size bigger than I normally am when I think my normal size would of been fine but meh. This looks gorgeous with a short gold necklace/torque! 

Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser - Good Things @ Superdrug - £4.99 (RRP: £7.99)
This was luckily on offer @ Superdrug whereas in Boots it was still £7.99, Didn't even think they sold it in Superdrug but hey ho they do! I tried this when Good Things were offering mini samples on their Facebook, didn't think I'd have much use for it but thought 'Oh well, It's free!', But I'm actually really surprised how much I like this, My skin is terribly oily and I've come to realise it is the reason why I still get 'teenage' spots, but I've been using this stuff religiously the past week and it's really cleared my skin up because It's been getting rid of the excess oil which has stopped breaking me out! It's kind of pricey normally but If it continues to work wonders I will continue using this! If you suffer from really oily skin like me you neeeed to try this! It's great to put on before you put on make-up also!

Conditioning Whipped Cream - Milk_Shake - £13.70
I recently joined a website called 'Talk Perfection' which was introduced to me by a website I visit religiously, MagicFreebiesUK which is basically a website that lets you know all the latest freebies which companies are giving out, and this 'Talk Perfection' website in particular provides a way of getting the chance to 'Trial and Review' a certain product by simply entering by answering a question they have provided in a comment on the blog post for it, I entered this one and got chosen! I received a full 200ml size bottle of 'Conditioning Whipped Cream' which is by a company called 'Milk_Shake', I've personally never heard of the company before but I'm definately up for trying new things! This bottle is normally just under £14 so I'm quite a lucky girl to get this free! I tried this out this morning and it's basically just a foam/mousse that you put in your hair whilst it's damp and makes your hair softer, helps hold colour and deeply conditions your hair without weighing it down, I think this product is pretty good! It's made my hair super soft, It's not sticky at all but doesn't make my hair so conditioned that it looks greasy which is great! I think the only downside is that the product smells of 'sweet milk' which is personally too sickly for my taste and it seems to make other products (such as hairspray) less affective!

Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara - Rimmel - £4.70 ( on eBay: RRP is £7.99)
I've seen so many reviews on this and just got around to purchasing! Bought mine off eBay just in case it wasn't very good but I'm actually pretty impressed with it! I personally thought I would like the 'Volume' side more as I love big thick lashes but I think I prefer the 'Length' side, You can't notice as much how long they are from far away because the volume isn't there but it's just a great day look and I tried the whole 'Day 2  Night' routine the other day and wore 'Length' throughout the day time and then added 'Volume' when I went out, made my eyelashes HUGE because the 'Length' had was dried! I still think the Magic cap is amazing, I am so easily amused ! :P

Matte Lipstick in Diva - MAC - £13.50
Got this when I went shopping with my friend on Monday, I saw this on Rhiannon's YouTube channel and fell in love with it! Mainly because I wanted a dark vampy red for Halloween and It's definately a shade I don't have! When I first saw this in the store on the stick it looked really browny and awful but when I tested it out on my hand It looked gorgeous! And It looks great on my lips, well worth the £13 I think!

Skull Plastic Mug - Wilkinsons - £1.80
Bit of a random item to show you but I absolutely love this! Got this from Wilkinsons the other day in the Halloween section and within like 2 days they are already sold out! For £1.80 I think it's a great bargain and I love skulls! They also had plastic skull shot glasses and a plastic skull pitcher! Wish I bought it all  :P BTW that's milk in the mug haha, shows the skull face up more, plus I love milk. haha. 

That's all folks!

Massive ramblings today, I know, but I haven't posted in a while so hopefully you don't mind the excessive writing!



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  2. LOVE the chain ring and woohoo i have those brogues ;) xxx