Friday, 14 October 2011

Collective Haul!

 All this stuff has been purchased in the last 1/2 months! Got really lazy with doing haul posts but decided to finally do one!

Powder Brush - - £3.50
I got the ELF Powder Brush because they had their 40% off 'After Dark' promotion and I've heard so many good reviews about it! I haven't tried it out yet but it's super soft & I love how dense it is I think it will apply powder so much better than the Stipple brush I use! 

Mineral Blush in Coral - - £3.50
I also got a blush from ELF's mineral range in shade Coral, I recently saw this in a youtube video in the shade 'Joy' but I thought the Coral looked like a colour that would suit me more I'm not a huge fan of pinks at the moment but I'm actually a little disappointed and wish I got the shade 'Joy'! It's sooo subtle and on my hand it came out very very sheen and you could barely see it, like it was almost as if it was exactly the same colour as my skin unless you built it up more, I haven't tried this on my face yet but i'm keeping my fingers crossed cause my hand/arms are quite an 'olive' tone and darker than my face and especially when I have foundation on! If not I'm hoping to use this with my bronzer, I'm not the type to wear both bronzer and blush because I don't like wearing browns with pinks? but I think if this is subtle it will look really nice!

Essential 32 Piece Palette in Natural - - £6.00
I'm actually so glad I purchased this! I wasn't going to because I heard some of the colours were really horribly pigmented but I'm pleasantly surprised! There are a few shades which are badly pigmented, the glittery beige in the right corner for example comes up with nothing but scattered glitter to be honest! and 1 or 2 of the matte shades aren't very pigmented, but I really like the glittery ones and the pinks are such a nice subtle neutral tone! I think that even though a few of them are bad, £6 for 32 eye shadows is awesome! It's also a really compact palette!

Here's a few swatches, I actually mixed the matte white in the far left corner on the top row with the far right glittery one (the bad one!) and it went quite nice haha. 

Brown Cross Stud Earrings - Coleyful Blog Shop - £2.50
I won these studs in a twitter competition Nichole was having, So happy I did because I just love her jewellery! & I haven't stopped wearing these studs! I'm not a huge fan of studs because I like 'statement' earrings, but these are a really good size, not massive but big for studs so they stand out! 

YSL Arty Ring Fake - eBay - £1.58
I absolutely love this, I bought it from a Hong Kong eBay Shop so It took almost a month to get here! 21 days! But it was so worth it, This ring is actually a really good dupe, I've seen some fakes which aren't that similar at all but I think this one is! I've noticed the price has risen since I purchased it but I've seen some fake's at a minimum of £10 especially if you want to purchase them from British eBay stores!

Gold Swirl Ring - Topshop - £6.50 (Only In store)
I got this as an exchange for the Topshop evil eye ring everyone seems to have! Because it was AWFUL quality! Went coppery and turned my finger green after wearing twice and less than a week of purchase! I returned exactly a week after the day I purchased haha! So I got this one instead and I love it! It's so simple but it's different and I've had no issues with it and it hasn't turned my finger green!

Gold Bangle - H&M - £6.99
I bought this because I think it's something simple and easy that will go with a lot of outfits and other gold jewellery! It's a nice fit also but I just think the price is a bit steep for a bangle! 

Stag/Deer Bracelet - eBay - £2.15
Ok so you may notice that the bracelet linked looks different from my one, that's because I took off several of the chains! I know, you're probably thinking 'why? It looked nice before?', but it just did not lay right on me at all with all those chains, it just looked messy and tangled and nothing like in the photo so I just took tons of the chains off and kept the one! It lays so much better but it was only £2.15 so not a massive issue!

Extra Long Owl Necklace - ASOS - £1.50 (sale)
So happy with this purchase! I wanted to get an extra long gold necklace with a dainty pendant to replace my Gold Cross Necklace you've probably seen wear loooooads because It had gone really coppery and brassy and the chain had turned silver and it was just disgusting! So I had to chuck it! But I found this little beauty in the ASOS sale, even though I'm not a huge fan of the Owl pendant myself it's so tiny you can't really notice it's an owl haha. 

Identity Tag Bracelet - - £6.00
I purchased this when I won £50 from a Twitter competition with to spend at a retailer of my choice from Style Compare's website so I picked Boohoo! I got this bracelet because I don't have any simple silver bracelets! 

Red Croc Print Bag - - £12.00
Jewelled Skull Key Ring - - £2.00
I got these two with my £50 gift card, As you can see the key ring doesn't come with the bag but I had £2 left and needed to buy something so I thought this key ring would look really good with the bag! The key ring itself is pretty heavy so it's best to use it with a bag you're not going to put much in or else it will feel really heavy haha, The bag is smaller than I thought It would be which is a shame cause I'm got to force my purse into it because it's a long rectangular one! 

Striped Chiffon Blouse - - £20.00
Probably my favourite purchase from my £50 at Boohoo, I like the monochrome look with this and how it's kind of like 'chanel-esque' It's got a different print at the back which I was actually considering cutting the tag out so I could wear it backwards aswell cause I really like it haha! I think the only downside is this is really oversized & I'm not sure If it flatters me very much but I can wear a fitted jacket to bring it in at the sides a bit! Gutted that the price has reduced though! 

If you're wondering why my order doesn't add up to £50 it's because I bought some things before and they didn't fit so I had to send them back and then lost £4 for postage and £2 on a re-stocking fee! Then the 2nd order I had to pay £4 for postage again :(

Faux Fur Stole - H&M -  £12.99
You've probably seen these everywhere at the moment but I just love it! Not sure how I feel about it on me yet though because I feel it looks so bulky on me! meh! Trying to find the right thing to pair it with!

Rust Batwing Shirt - Republic - £24.99
I got this weeks ago now and never posted it but I don't know why haha? I love the colour so much, my picture doesn't do it any justice at all! It's flattering and comfy and I love the baggy arms :)

Gold Torque - Dorothy Perkins - £4.25 (sale)
I got this a few weeks ago aswell and this looks so nice paired with the shirt above, It's sooo high up to my neck which I'm not used to considering I always wear long necklaces! But It looks really good with shirts buttoned up. 

Bit random to include this but I have found this so handy! My dressing table was getting attacked with necklaces and because all my necklaces have such big pendants I couldn't put them in my jewellery box so I got this stand to put the all on and it looks so much better! 

By the way the nail polish I'm wearing in the pictures is Ciate's 'Wait Until Dark' from a previous Marie Claire magazine, In case you were wondering!

Hope you liked this post!



  1. lovely bits,loving that gold cuff and necklace from H&M i want them :D xx

  2. You will not regret buying ELF's Powder Brush - it is amazing for applying foundation! I love it so much I have two haha! xx