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E.L.F Review: My personal 'successful' products [HEAVY WRITING POST!]

I've heard so many people make huge orders from ELF ( because they have a LOT of 50% off deals going around quite often, so people end up getting products for 75p - £1.50, but even when there isn't a deal going on the majority products are around £1.50/£3.50, so it's pretty easy to get loads of stuff for a cheap price.

But a lot of people don't realize that a lot of the products aren't going to be perfect and some may be quite rubbish! There seems to be a lot of hype around e.l.f products but I think it's so helpful to read reviews online and see real opinions about certain products so you know sort of what to expect, but I still think you can't completely follow reviews because there are a few products included in this post which some people said were awfulllll but worked really well on me personally, so yeah, this is my opinion on out of the massive elf purchases I made which are useful and which I use in my day-to-day life!

I love these, some people might thing they are too moist but I love that about these wipes, They take off my make-up affectively, I like the smell and I like them being so moist because It just makes me feel like my face is extra clean! Only downside about this product is that you pay £3.50 to only get 20 so I mainly purchased these on offer (for £1.25)!

I have the Kabuki body brush because they sold out of the face version but I still use this for my face, haha I don't know if that's weird, I use this for my powder every now and then because it's really soft and lovely, This doesn't shed and I would prefer to have the face because it would be smaller but this doesn't really bother me! 
This brush I use everyday for my foundation, I like the quality of the bamboo brushes, and I got these on offer because they are a bit steep (for elf) full price! Only downside of this brush is every now and then the brush scratches my face with the tip of the bristle but this isn't a continuous thing, besides this it applies my foundation well and doesn't soak it up and it's not a huge head so it's easy to be a bit more precise with more difficult areas to apply to.
As with the Bamboo foundation brush this one doesn't have a huge head so it's really good to contour with if you want more of a precise application instead of just throwing it on sort of thing, I use this for my everyday blusher also and all my blushers really, Unlike the foundation version I've had absolutely no issues with the bristles on this brush and it hasn't shed once!
My favourite of all my ELF brushes, I think this was the first brush I purchased also! I use this for my powder everyday but recently the other day I stippled in some concealer for the first time and it actually worked really well, Even though that's what you're supposed to actually use it for 'stippling' I never bothered to try it that way but hey I'm impressed! I have a back up brush for this as well because they sell out a lot of the time and the bristles are so gorgeously soft I always want to have one!

I use this to apply eye shadow on the lower lash line, normally for shadow in the tear duct or to wear as a liner. Really good brush! No problems what so ever!
I use this brush with my ELF cream liner, this is soooo much better than the brush provided with the liner because it's has such a fine tip and the fact it's angled makes it really great to do a winged liner look with! Also have no problems with this brush!
My most used of the ELF eye brushes, I use this pretty much every time I apply eye shadow without fail, I use this brush after applying eye shadow to blend because it's so dense but so soft and even though it's so wide it's just really good to blend with! I'd have very patchy un-natural looking eye shadow if I didn't have this!

I normally use this product in combination with the ELF matte lip colour in Coral, it feels really good on your lips, not too sticky and the colour is gorgeous, really subtle, it's a nice pigment so it actually shows up on your lips in a nicely sheen way without looking just like a clear balm.
I really like these, my fave lip products from ELF, As most people know the shades in real life look nothing like the swatches online, or the names! The coral shade isn't actually coral, it's a lovely light peachy pink colour, and I use this one the most, the texture is great with both colours, but obviously like any matte product for the lips it is a little drying so that's why I use them in conjunction with lip balm!

Good shadows, there's one or two which doesn't show up brilliantly (mainly the glittery ones) on me but I think that's because I'm so pale and they look so close to my skin colour but the matte shades are great and I'm always using the dark brown!
The only cream liner I use but it's perfect for me! It's really black and stays all day, I don't like the brush much  so I use my angled eyeliner brush I bought separately from ELF (as mentioned earlier).
First product I ever got from ELF, I really love this, The colour is great and lovely and pigmented, not sure if this specific shade is too 'warm brown' for me but I started off with the 'ash' shade but both of them seem good and I think it's a great starter kit to have for eye brows!
Only just started using this but it's taken over the usual eyeliner pen I have (Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen), I really like the fine 'tip' of the pen because it's stiff and then at the very top it's softer so it's great for winged liner when you have to 'flick' and getting past the creases on your eyelid.
My favourite Elf product, this definitely beats every other ELF product, I use this every single day on my eyebrows, I don't use the lash side that much but I do use it, The brow side is perfect for setting my brows and I get so many compliments on my eyebrows and I think it's because of this product! For £1.50 I would buy this forever and ever haha!

I've only just recently tried out this product but I used it on a night out the other day and I think it's so useful, I wasn't sure which way to use this the most affectively so I read some reviews on and saw someone used it by spraying this over your face after using primer and before applying foundation/concealer etc. and I think it worked really affectively! My make-up did seem to stay a lot longer without going all oily and patchy and I think it worked as a boost to my primer so I'm definately going to use this more!
The only tinted moisturiser I use! For £1.50 it is such a bargain, I actually chucked a No 7 one out for this product! It's so beneficial for pale skin, a lotttt of tinted moisturisers seem to be so orange or they seem to fade orange but this stays really well, it's light and breathable, smells nice, but it's good coverage too it's not really sheer and it evens out my skin tone well!  

The only nail polish I kept out of 3 I bought from ELF! I love this colour, It applies nice and opaque doesn't have to be layered up, it's a beautiful colour, doesn't chip really easily! Bargain for the price if you ask me!
I haven't personally used another brush shampoo before but this does the job for me, A little does definately go a long way if you use too much it goes a bit too soapy but it doesn't really have a smell but it cleans the brushes affectively and I like it and use it all the time!
I like this! If you want matte nails and want to get rid of the shine/shimmer in polishes this works great as a top coat and I think it also helps to pro long your polish, I also find this really useful to stop my rings going green haha! I only use this inside the rings because it does leave a 'matte stain' on the ring else but no ones going to look in the inside of your ring so it comes in handy!

This was a really long essay of a post and I'm sorry if you hate reading but I wanted to get my true opinion across so future buyers can see how someone else uses these products and which were good!

So, What's your favourite ELF product? 

Hope you liked this post!


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