Friday, 21 October 2011

October '11 Glossybox - 'Six Pack'

Today I have another Glossybox post for you! This months Glossybox consisted of 6 items instead of the usual 5, to celebrate this being the 6th Glossybox since release! This month also had a lot of more well known products which made this box a favourite with a lot of people, Sadly for me some of the products I wouldn't use so no matter the brand it's a bit sucky!

They also provided a super size info card instead of the usual smaller sized ones and this one also had QR codes so that you could scan to get to the relevant companies websites, which is a great feature!

Here is my box! After seeing other reviews I've noticed that everyone has exactly the same products this month except the nail polish which comes in 3 different shades, which stops a lot of drama on the Glossybox customer service side as loads of people crave what others have got!

(All retail for £65 for 50ml & £95 for 100ml)
I have to say I'm getting a bit annoyed with all the Perfume samples Glossybox keep providing! I don't really like perfume, I'm not a huge perfume wearer to be honest! A lot of people didn't like last months Plum perfume but I like that one more than the majority of these samples! I really don't like the Visa & Calypso fragrances and gave the samples to my mum! But I do like the Fracas one, it's more up my street, daintier and floral! Whereas I feel the other samples smell so strongly they remind me of men's cologne D: I do like the little pink bag it came in though! aha :P

Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant
Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque 
Dermalogica Renewal Lip Complex & Beauty Bag
This is actually a travel set I later found out from googling online and it's worth around £30!
You can buy on Amazon: here
Everyone was so excited about the Dermalogica products but I'm not actually that fussed! Originally I wouldn't of used this because I thought there is no point because it's aimed at Aging Skin etc. and I'm only 18! But I decided to give it a go because apparently it's better to start products like these at a younger age and helps you in the long run! I don't use masks so the Power Recovery Masque was kind of out the window! Plus it says 'Recovery' and says it's supposed to help skin recover from Age damage, which I don't have! I tried out the Thermafoliant but it dried some of my skin out and made it quite sore but I think that's be cause I opted for the 'intensive' way of using it (which is using it dry), and the Lip Complex comes in very handy for me because I have awfully chapped lips that are constantly dry and this stuff smells really good, it feels nice on the lips (non-sticky) and also has a proper applicator so you can apply from the packaging (like a lipgloss tube!), The bag is fab aswell, I've wanted a smaller make-up bag for a while now so this is ideal! I gave the Masque & Thermafoliant to my mum because she's used the Thermafoliant in the past and loves Dermalogica products so this was a real treat for her (as she normally buys the samples from eBay anyway because it's so expensive for the full size!)

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Babydoll - Full size product (RRPs @ £11.00)
I really like the colour of this nail polish, I haven't got a colour like this so it's a good one to add to my collection! I've never heard of Leighton Denny before but this polish is a really nice creamy texture and applies well and you only really need one coat! This was the only item this month that people didn't all get the same version of, They also had the colours 'Sex Kitten' which is a metallic bluey/silver (my sister got this!) and 'Hanky Panky' which was a metallic tangerine shade. I think the 'Babydoll' shade has been discontinued because every website I like on states that it's out of stock!

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Moray - Full size product (RRPs @ £13.00)
My favourite product of this month's box! A lot of people keep saying they would of preferred to see a Black/Grey/Brown eye-liner but I'm actually really glad we have this shade! It's got amazing staying power and really does NOT budge and is even quite hard to take off with a face wipe! I used this on a night out all over the lid after seeing someone's Twitter pic and then wore a brown shadow in the crease and it looked amazing! Stayed all night and didn't crease but I also used Urban Decay's primer potion underneath to help it stay! Really happy with this product but I know I can't use it all over the lid much more because it's a retractable liner and using this once ended up with me having to twist some more out twice so this will go really quickly If I continue using it this way!

I quite like a few of these products but I think last month's box was better!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



  1. Love your sum up! You're a lot more honest than most. I'm bored of the perfumes too, I always give them to my mum. x hivenn

  2. I've always wanted too try those birch boxes, glossy boxes, and luxe boxes. they look so tempting but i know i won't use half the stuff since I'm pretty picky