Tuesday, 4 October 2011

OOTD - 04/10/11

Been doing loads of OOTD's lately but rather enjoying it! In my last OOTD I was wearing a Primark white lace & grey top and I also have this in Pink and I'm just loving these tops at the moment, I got them a few months ago but I've been wearing them more in the past few days because the weather is boiling and they are lovely and cool and floaty :)

I tried to do a kind of loose/messy plait but I suck at them :P

Top: - Primark - £8 (purchased on eBay a few months ago)
Layering Top (Basics): - Primark - £2
Leggings: - Primark - £3

Necklace: - Forever 21 - £4.90

(arrived today! I love itttttt)

Earrings: - Fashionology - €17

Plain Silver Band: - H&M - part of set of 3 for £3.99 
*DIY'd, it did have a dangly bug but I pulled it off with pliers and then just turned it facing the other way round so no one can see the mark!*
Spike Ring: - eBay - £3.49

For make-up I'm wearing Russian Red lipstick by MAC and ELF Waterproof Eyeliner pen 'cause I don't like wearing eye-shadow with red lipstick! There is too much going on else! 

That's all for today folks :)



  1. I love the spike jewellery!! :)


  2. love that necklace, i've been looking for one like that for ages! x