Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Stylist Post!

This is a bit of a different post for a change! My sister requested the other day that I help style her some winter outfits so I decided to use the H&M Dressing Room on the website (it's pretty much an outfit creator with all the items on the site) to create a few looks.

Here is my sister, Faye! She has a bit of a different style to me, she likes fitted clothing and never wears anything over sized! Loves her jumpers and jeans (total opposite from me on the jean front), and doesn't really wear much jewellery besides earrings!

I decided to change the model on the site to a girl who resembled my sister more! (her hair length/colour!)

(Credit: All below photos are from hm.com)

Jumper - £12.99
Chunky Scarf - £6.99
Basic Top (Layering) - Part of 2 pack for £7.99
Leggings - £12.99
Boots - £39.99
Bag - £14.99
Total: £95.94 (shoes make this way expensive haha)

The first look I decided to stick with a kind of smokey grey/black tone for a winter theme.
(I wasn't too sure on the shoes because this would be more of a daytime look and my sister wouldn't wear heels like this in the day but I thought they went well with the outfit!)

Jumper - £3.99 
Leggings - £2.99
Boots - £24.99
Bag - £14.99
2-Pack Rings - £3.99
Total: £53.94

This one was probably my sisters favourite! She fell in love with this jumper and really wants to buy it, at £3.99 in the sale, it's definitely a bargain! The outfit is really simple but the stripes add 'edge' to it and it works well as a comfy winter outfit, not too bundled up but not too cold either!

Basic Top - £3.99
Belt - £12.99
Jeggings - £4.99
Bag - £19.99
Boots - £29.99
Total: £71.95

This one was a little 'cold looking' haha it would need a warm jacket but I wanted to showcase the 'matchy-matchy' of the top, belt and shoes :) My sister's favourite bit of the outfit was the jeggings, sadly they were out of stock, but being in the sale for £4.99 you can kind of expect them to go quickly! 

Dress - £9.99
Belt - £7.99
Bag - £9.99
Tights - 2-Pack for £4.99
Boots - £29.99
Total: £62.95

The last outfit I didn't actually think my sister would like that much but it was more of a 'proposal' outfit haha, basically something I think she should consider giving a try! It's like a winter day-to-night outfit with the short dress with long sleeves and the autumn/winter colours. I tried to stick true to the metal on the belt to match with the bag so managed to find a brown bag with a silver buckle! I really liked the multi coloured leather on the belt! My sister isn't the 'tights type' but it keeps you warmer in the colder weather!

Let me know if you'd like to see more of these sort of posts! It was quite fun putting outfits together! I have so many ideas in my head haha. I'd also consider requests If you tell me the sort of style/items you are into!



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