Monday, 17 October 2011

Sunday's Purchases

Yesterday I went to a car boot sale with my Nan, because I really wanted to find some bargains :P As you do! Sadly there wasn't really all that much there and all we got was a necklace for me & a Christmas present for my sister! But both of the items were value for money! We then went back to town and went for lunch and got a few other bits to make up for our lack of success at the boot sale!

Gold Tri-Band Torque/Necklace - Car boot sale - 50p
This is the necklace I got, My nan was actually the one who spotted it! I think it's gorgeous and I think I like it better than the gold torque I got recently from Dorothy Perkins that was £4 when this one was only 50p! I also noticed this is actually from Accessorize as it has a gold tag on it with an Accessorize 'A' engraved on it, so it may actually be around £8 or more as Accessorize is quite expensive.

Gold Triangular Earrings - Primark - £1.50
I've wanted these earrings for a while now, Kept debating on whether to get them but finally took the plunge and bought them! They don't go with the necklace all too well because they are so long and the necklace is so short, plus they are both big statement items so I think this would look better with a long dainty necklace!

I wasn't initially sure on whether to get this palette because I have the Sleek 'Storm' Palette which is full of natural/smoky shades but 'Storm' is a bit bolder and more vibrant which is this palette is more subtle! I love the purply 'Regal' shade and the goldeny 'Moss' shade. I love the Sleek palettes because they are such a bargain but the pigment of the shadows are amazing! 

Lastly I just had to blog about this yummy milkshake from Shakeaway haha! Bit random! But I had this yummy Parma Violet shake made with fat free frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream, I have to say I think I actually preferred the fro-yo over the ice cream version! But I absolutely love parma violets and thought this would taste weird together but it was gorgeous! So If you have a Shakeaway near you I definitely recommend you try it! :P


  1. I've been thinking about buying a sleek palette but i'm not sure would you recommend them?
    Your so lucky you have a Shakeaway! my local on closed down :(

  2. Yeah I would highly recommend them! I think the pigment is just as good as MAC eye shadows to be honest! They are lovely! I would collect them all but some of them have really bright colours that I wouldn't use :P I like neutrals! Btw that Green blouse from H&M you posted on your blog I'm waiting for in the post! Great minds think alike haha

  3. Nice purchases !
    I loved your blog =)*

  4. love the jewelery pieces and I really want to try the sleek pallet, been hearing everyone talk about it :) xx

  5. Adore your necklace!