Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November '11 Glossybox - The Christmas Gift Guide: Part 1

Here's my most recent Glossybox post:

This month I was actually really disappointed with! 

I hate perfume samples as you can get them for free in a department store anyway, although this perfume is quite nice. The hand crème I wouldn't personally use myself and I'm keeping back as a Christmas present now but it's good to see a different type of product/a company they haven't already used. The boosting mask was one of the most disappointing, mainly because they've already used the same company in one of their really recent boxes, also because in the last box they gave a different branded face mask so the same type of product twice in a row isn't great and the fact (even though I am completely aware that this is a 'luxury sample' sized company and they're not obliged to give full size products) this is a sample size tube when the full size product is only £7 which is confusing for the expectations they have built up from previous boxes. The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, which is one of my favourite things in the box, It is a really reasonable concept because it is quite an expensive product to buy full size and the size of the sample provided is about 40ml, which they also sell on the website for £7 so you are definitely getting your moneys worth with this, This is well suited to me also because as you may know I bleach my hair and I've been told previously by my hairdresser the elasticity isn't really there because I've bleached it, so it makes hair styling like curling etc. more difficult and curls don't hold as well so I'm excited to try this because it puts elasticity back into your hair, the reviews also look very good! Lastly, The Nail Rocks Nail Wraps, Not overly excited to see yet another pack of Nail Wraps from Glossybox, Even though it is a different company and the last ones I received were for toes and these are for fingers but I still haven't used my previous ones yet because I have such short stubby nails (as you've probably seen in photos where my hands are on show haha) that it's nearly impossible to apply nail varnish, let alone these nail wraps! I'm thinking of cutting them down and giving them a go though because I really love the pattern and If I had long nails I would be really happy to get a product like this! 

All in all, This month has been a bit of a turning point for me and I decided to unsubscribe to Glossybox, The last few months haven't really impressed me so it's been a decision I've been considering for a while, The type of products aren't really up my street as much, they get very repetitive and I've barely seen a make-up product in the boxes since a few months ago (minus nail polish).

Due to browsing around for consistency in product range, brands and sizing, I've decided to switch to the beauty box, I've seen the posts on LLYMLRS' blog about this box and she feels it's the best on the market, especially for consistency, so I should be receiving my first box in early December so I'll keep you posted! 

That's all folks,


Saturday, 19 November 2011

E.L.F Haul, Mystery Box & Twitter Prizes!

So I got some more ELF stuff the other day when I saw they were doing a promotion where you spend £10, get free delivery and a Mystery Box containing random products from the website that is worth £10 altogether so you pretty much spend £10 and get £20 worth of stuff! I went for this because I saw some people getting really awesome stuff in their mystery box! 

I only got 3 things so that it came to £10.50, I didn't really want much!

I got the Matte Lip Colour in Praline, the Daily Brush Cleaner spray and the Complexion Brush.

I've tried out the Daily Brush Cleaner and it's quite good for in between washes! It doesn't do an amazing job because it's just to give it a quick clean, you spray some on the brush, then wipe it with a tissue to get as much make-up off as you can and considering I already have the ELF Brush Shampoo which you use for more thorough washing I think this is great to use in conjunction with the shampoo when you don't want to wash it constantly and want something quick! 

The complexion brush is also lovely, it's super soft and I bought this to use as a powder brush because I've been using the ELF Stipple brush for a few months but it's started to wipe off my concealer and foundation whilst I was applying the powder which was annoying! 

The Matte Lip Colour in Praline: I already have this in Coral & Natural, and I wasn't sure on whether to buy this 'cause I thought It might be too dark for me but it might not be to everyone's taste but I actually really like this as an Autumn/Winter colour, I love wearing a dark lip in the colder seasons and in conjunction with a brown smoky eye and my pale blonde hair I think it looks awesome! 

I found a picture on Google of what it looks like on:

So this was the contents of my mystery box, I got 2 nail polishes in Twinkle & Golden Goddess, a Bamboo Foundation Brush and a Shimmer Eye-Liner pencil in Plum Passion.

I was pretty disappointed in my box to be honest because I already have the foundation brush and I don't really wear many nail polishes because my nails are sooo short, I quite like the plum eye-liner though but the quality isn't perfect, it doesn't stay for that long! 

I decided to give the Twinkle polish and Foundation brush as Christmas presents, so they have come in handy! I've kept the Golden goddess polish because I don't have a sparkly nail polish but this is more of a top coat as it's not very pigmented! 

This is what Golden Goddess looks like over my Nails Inc. nail polish in Tate.

Lastly, here's a few bits I won from Witch Skincare on their Twitter page, Every week they have a 'Flawless Follower' competition, where you have to nominate someone you follow for being 'Flawless' and give a reason why, I nominated my friend Nikki because we've just started talking for the first time in ageeesss and If you win you both get a prize of your choice from their new cosmetics range, I chose the Skin clearing primer and Nikki chose the tinted moisturiser, Sadly, Nikki received the wrong item in the mail and my envelope came with a massive hole in it and my prize had obviously been lost so I contacted them and they sent me a replacement but luckily they also sent me a Liquid concealer which is amazing! I was so happy! 

After using these products the last few days I think I actually prefer the concealer, I don't know whether the primer is good for skin clearing but it wasn't a great base for my make-up, my usual primer is smoothing and makes application tons easier but this stuff was thicker and more like a cream, but I think it helped a little towards the staying power of my make-up but overall I wasn't really impressed and I think I'll stay with my usual primer! The concealer is great as an under-eye concealer though, they sent me shade 2 which is 'Medium', Since I'm very pale I didn't know how this would be but it works better for me to counteract the colour under my eyes! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know below if you got the Mystery Box offer too, and what you got in your box! 


Friday, 11 November 2011

Magazine Freebies!

Recently been trying to save my pennies so I've put myself on a shopping ban, But I have bought a few magazines though just for the freebies! :P 

The December issue of Glamour is currently giving away full size Nails Inc. nail polishes (which are worth £11) in 4 colours, and the magazine itself is only £2! I got a Dark Red colour called 'Tate', I love this polish sooo much, It's amazing quality, I've never owned a Nails Inc. polish before and I think the colour is great for winter! 

The December issue of Elle Magazine is giving away an awesome freebie, I saw this mentioned on MagicFreebiesUK and had to buy the magazine! They are giving away £20 gift cards for Kurt Geiger stores or on, and I'm happy to say there is absolutely no catch! You can use this card on anything, whether it's something under £20 or If you want to put it towards something, The only things you can't get are sale items because you need to purchase something full priced to use it, which is okay I think! Bit gutting cause I saw some lovely Nine West heels for £19 down from £95 that I was going to get for my Mum for Christmas but it wouldn't let me :( I later decided to buy a ring which was £15, because It was free and Kurt Geiger of course! The only other thing is that you're not allowed to pay the whole amount on a gift card for security reasons, You have to pay £1 on a Debit Card. The price came to £19 with postage (£4 for Standard Delivery) and then it charged me £18 on the Gift Card and then £1 on my debit card, so not bad! You pay £3.80 for the Magazine and to get this as a freebie is amazing! 

The fancy gold packaging it arrived in!

It's quite simple but it's lovely! I got a size S/M because my fingers about a US 7/17mm.
They also do this in a sort of Gunmetal/Silver colour.

You can find this ring:

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have you found any good freebies lately?


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fantasy Shopper!

I've recently discovered the most amazing website for me! The website is called Fantasy Shopper and to sum up what it's all about it basically allows you to shop without spending any money! I saw this on someone's blog and have fallen in love with this site! 

This is what your main profile looks like on the site,

Basically you get £60 an hour (to start with but this can be increased), as you can see in the corner it says 'Get Payday' and you have a countdown until you can collect another £60 which is great! 

You can then select a Shopping Destination, Currently because the site is very new (only started a few weeks ago!) they only have the option to shop in 'Fantasy London' and you can choose a Fantasy version of a real life shop with real life items such as Republic, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Matalan and Harrods. I think this is awesome because you can also find things a lot easier that you may want to buy in real life.

 You also have the Upgrade Shop, Business Centre & Travel Agent. The Upgrade shop is where you can purchase bigger wardrobes or a jewellery box so you can buy more items because you do have a limit on how many items you can have at a time so sometimes you do have to stop shopping and save for a bit to buy a bigger wardrobe so you can buy more stuff! The business centre is where you can increase your pay an hour, like I said it starts off at £60 and then in the business centre you have the opportunity to buy a 'Business Suit' which increases it to £100 an hour and then a 'Diploma' which increases it to £150 an hour and then you can also buy Nightclubs and venues to increase your pay an hour (This feature isn't currently open, It states as coming soon!) . The travel agent isn't currently open either at the moment but I imagine it might be soon as the site is already a hit! But this gives you the opportunity to shop in other cities with real life stuff like New York and Paris, and apparently according to the site, as these 'Fantasy Cities' open, The site will become open to use to the relevant country such as when the New York city opens up, American's will be able to use the site, as the site is currently only for UK Residents. 

You can browse the site's 'Shops' just like you would for online shopping and have the option to add to your 'Fantasy Basket' and can purchase with your pretend money, but you also have another option to 'Click for Real Purchase' where you can go to the shop's official website and find the same item to purchase in real life, which make's things really simple just in case you did find something you really have to have in real life too instead of  wasting time browsing the net for it! 

Probably my favourite thing about the website is that after you've gone on a shopping spree you can create outfits with the stuff you bought, This is perfect for me because I love styling other people and It's great having unlimited resources if you need that specific item to make an outfit perfect haha! You can also click on other people's profiles and go into their wardrobe and create outfits for them aswell using their clothes, so It's great to see how people would use the stuff you bought! 

A really awesome feature are the 'Events' every Day & Night the website has a new 'Event' going on, where you have a 'Brief' to create an outfit for a special occasion, such as the two shown in the picture, an outfit for a Car boot on Sunday in the daytime or an outfit for Bonfire night on Saturday in the night-time. They also have things like 'The Only Way is Essex' where you have to create TOWIE inspired outfit or 'Katy Perry' where you create a Katy inspired outfit! It's great fun to give you something specific to do instead of just any ol' outfit! Sometimes you also have the opportunity to win real life prizes in the Events, They teamed up with More Magazine a few days ago and gave someone the opportunity to win a Beauty Goody Bag if you received the most likes on your outfit! I came in 2nd, Was pretty gutted but it was all fun and games!  

You must have a Facebook account to join the site as that is the only way of joining the website but I assure you they do not post anything on your Facebook profile unless you choose to post it yourself! If you don't have a Facebook account I recommend just creating one to to play the game 'cause it's so much fun haha!

That's pretty much the most I can sum up the site! I think it's such a good concept and is helping me at the moment as I don't have the money to real life shop so pretend shopping is pretty satisfying haha!

If you liked this review and are interested in joining yourself, Feel free to click