Saturday, 19 November 2011

E.L.F Haul, Mystery Box & Twitter Prizes!

So I got some more ELF stuff the other day when I saw they were doing a promotion where you spend £10, get free delivery and a Mystery Box containing random products from the website that is worth £10 altogether so you pretty much spend £10 and get £20 worth of stuff! I went for this because I saw some people getting really awesome stuff in their mystery box! 

I only got 3 things so that it came to £10.50, I didn't really want much!

I got the Matte Lip Colour in Praline, the Daily Brush Cleaner spray and the Complexion Brush.

I've tried out the Daily Brush Cleaner and it's quite good for in between washes! It doesn't do an amazing job because it's just to give it a quick clean, you spray some on the brush, then wipe it with a tissue to get as much make-up off as you can and considering I already have the ELF Brush Shampoo which you use for more thorough washing I think this is great to use in conjunction with the shampoo when you don't want to wash it constantly and want something quick! 

The complexion brush is also lovely, it's super soft and I bought this to use as a powder brush because I've been using the ELF Stipple brush for a few months but it's started to wipe off my concealer and foundation whilst I was applying the powder which was annoying! 

The Matte Lip Colour in Praline: I already have this in Coral & Natural, and I wasn't sure on whether to buy this 'cause I thought It might be too dark for me but it might not be to everyone's taste but I actually really like this as an Autumn/Winter colour, I love wearing a dark lip in the colder seasons and in conjunction with a brown smoky eye and my pale blonde hair I think it looks awesome! 

I found a picture on Google of what it looks like on:

So this was the contents of my mystery box, I got 2 nail polishes in Twinkle & Golden Goddess, a Bamboo Foundation Brush and a Shimmer Eye-Liner pencil in Plum Passion.

I was pretty disappointed in my box to be honest because I already have the foundation brush and I don't really wear many nail polishes because my nails are sooo short, I quite like the plum eye-liner though but the quality isn't perfect, it doesn't stay for that long! 

I decided to give the Twinkle polish and Foundation brush as Christmas presents, so they have come in handy! I've kept the Golden goddess polish because I don't have a sparkly nail polish but this is more of a top coat as it's not very pigmented! 

This is what Golden Goddess looks like over my Nails Inc. nail polish in Tate.

Lastly, here's a few bits I won from Witch Skincare on their Twitter page, Every week they have a 'Flawless Follower' competition, where you have to nominate someone you follow for being 'Flawless' and give a reason why, I nominated my friend Nikki because we've just started talking for the first time in ageeesss and If you win you both get a prize of your choice from their new cosmetics range, I chose the Skin clearing primer and Nikki chose the tinted moisturiser, Sadly, Nikki received the wrong item in the mail and my envelope came with a massive hole in it and my prize had obviously been lost so I contacted them and they sent me a replacement but luckily they also sent me a Liquid concealer which is amazing! I was so happy! 

After using these products the last few days I think I actually prefer the concealer, I don't know whether the primer is good for skin clearing but it wasn't a great base for my make-up, my usual primer is smoothing and makes application tons easier but this stuff was thicker and more like a cream, but I think it helped a little towards the staying power of my make-up but overall I wasn't really impressed and I think I'll stay with my usual primer! The concealer is great as an under-eye concealer though, they sent me shade 2 which is 'Medium', Since I'm very pale I didn't know how this would be but it works better for me to counteract the colour under my eyes! 

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know below if you got the Mystery Box offer too, and what you got in your box! 



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