Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fantasy Shopper!

I've recently discovered the most amazing website for me! The website is called Fantasy Shopper and to sum up what it's all about it basically allows you to shop without spending any money! I saw this on someone's blog and have fallen in love with this site! 

This is what your main profile looks like on the site,

Basically you get £60 an hour (to start with but this can be increased), as you can see in the corner it says 'Get Payday' and you have a countdown until you can collect another £60 which is great! 

You can then select a Shopping Destination, Currently because the site is very new (only started a few weeks ago!) they only have the option to shop in 'Fantasy London' and you can choose a Fantasy version of a real life shop with real life items such as Republic, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Matalan and Harrods. I think this is awesome because you can also find things a lot easier that you may want to buy in real life.

 You also have the Upgrade Shop, Business Centre & Travel Agent. The Upgrade shop is where you can purchase bigger wardrobes or a jewellery box so you can buy more items because you do have a limit on how many items you can have at a time so sometimes you do have to stop shopping and save for a bit to buy a bigger wardrobe so you can buy more stuff! The business centre is where you can increase your pay an hour, like I said it starts off at £60 and then in the business centre you have the opportunity to buy a 'Business Suit' which increases it to £100 an hour and then a 'Diploma' which increases it to £150 an hour and then you can also buy Nightclubs and venues to increase your pay an hour (This feature isn't currently open, It states as coming soon!) . The travel agent isn't currently open either at the moment but I imagine it might be soon as the site is already a hit! But this gives you the opportunity to shop in other cities with real life stuff like New York and Paris, and apparently according to the site, as these 'Fantasy Cities' open, The site will become open to use to the relevant country such as when the New York city opens up, American's will be able to use the site, as the site is currently only for UK Residents. 

You can browse the site's 'Shops' just like you would for online shopping and have the option to add to your 'Fantasy Basket' and can purchase with your pretend money, but you also have another option to 'Click for Real Purchase' where you can go to the shop's official website and find the same item to purchase in real life, which make's things really simple just in case you did find something you really have to have in real life too instead of  wasting time browsing the net for it! 

Probably my favourite thing about the website is that after you've gone on a shopping spree you can create outfits with the stuff you bought, This is perfect for me because I love styling other people and It's great having unlimited resources if you need that specific item to make an outfit perfect haha! You can also click on other people's profiles and go into their wardrobe and create outfits for them aswell using their clothes, so It's great to see how people would use the stuff you bought! 

A really awesome feature are the 'Events' every Day & Night the website has a new 'Event' going on, where you have a 'Brief' to create an outfit for a special occasion, such as the two shown in the picture, an outfit for a Car boot on Sunday in the daytime or an outfit for Bonfire night on Saturday in the night-time. They also have things like 'The Only Way is Essex' where you have to create TOWIE inspired outfit or 'Katy Perry' where you create a Katy inspired outfit! It's great fun to give you something specific to do instead of just any ol' outfit! Sometimes you also have the opportunity to win real life prizes in the Events, They teamed up with More Magazine a few days ago and gave someone the opportunity to win a Beauty Goody Bag if you received the most likes on your outfit! I came in 2nd, Was pretty gutted but it was all fun and games!  

You must have a Facebook account to join the site as that is the only way of joining the website but I assure you they do not post anything on your Facebook profile unless you choose to post it yourself! If you don't have a Facebook account I recommend just creating one to to play the game 'cause it's so much fun haha!

That's pretty much the most I can sum up the site! I think it's such a good concept and is helping me at the moment as I don't have the money to real life shop so pretend shopping is pretty satisfying haha!

If you liked this review and are interested in joining yourself, Feel free to click 



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