Wednesday, 30 November 2011

November '11 Glossybox - The Christmas Gift Guide: Part 1

Here's my most recent Glossybox post:

This month I was actually really disappointed with! 

I hate perfume samples as you can get them for free in a department store anyway, although this perfume is quite nice. The hand crème I wouldn't personally use myself and I'm keeping back as a Christmas present now but it's good to see a different type of product/a company they haven't already used. The boosting mask was one of the most disappointing, mainly because they've already used the same company in one of their really recent boxes, also because in the last box they gave a different branded face mask so the same type of product twice in a row isn't great and the fact (even though I am completely aware that this is a 'luxury sample' sized company and they're not obliged to give full size products) this is a sample size tube when the full size product is only £7 which is confusing for the expectations they have built up from previous boxes. The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, which is one of my favourite things in the box, It is a really reasonable concept because it is quite an expensive product to buy full size and the size of the sample provided is about 40ml, which they also sell on the website for £7 so you are definitely getting your moneys worth with this, This is well suited to me also because as you may know I bleach my hair and I've been told previously by my hairdresser the elasticity isn't really there because I've bleached it, so it makes hair styling like curling etc. more difficult and curls don't hold as well so I'm excited to try this because it puts elasticity back into your hair, the reviews also look very good! Lastly, The Nail Rocks Nail Wraps, Not overly excited to see yet another pack of Nail Wraps from Glossybox, Even though it is a different company and the last ones I received were for toes and these are for fingers but I still haven't used my previous ones yet because I have such short stubby nails (as you've probably seen in photos where my hands are on show haha) that it's nearly impossible to apply nail varnish, let alone these nail wraps! I'm thinking of cutting them down and giving them a go though because I really love the pattern and If I had long nails I would be really happy to get a product like this! 

All in all, This month has been a bit of a turning point for me and I decided to unsubscribe to Glossybox, The last few months haven't really impressed me so it's been a decision I've been considering for a while, The type of products aren't really up my street as much, they get very repetitive and I've barely seen a make-up product in the boxes since a few months ago (minus nail polish).

Due to browsing around for consistency in product range, brands and sizing, I've decided to switch to the beauty box, I've seen the posts on LLYMLRS' blog about this box and she feels it's the best on the market, especially for consistency, so I should be receiving my first box in early December so I'll keep you posted! 

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