Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Amazon Kindle

Recently purchased myself a little Christmas present the other week! I got myself an Amazon Kindle e-book reader, the wifi version which is only £89, a real bargain! I got it from Argos because I was too impatient to wait for it to be delivered from, and at the time Argos were doing a promotion where if you spent £50 or over you got a free £5 gift card to spend, as long as you use it by the end of January 2012! 

It's a really great device, The books to buy from Amazon are cheap and cheerful, normally around the £5 mark, and I know you can also download from other sellers online somehow (not quite sure who else sells them though) and use a piece of e-book management software called Calibre to convert the file to work on the Kindle, it's pretty simple! The Kindle is fabulous to read on also because the screen uses an E Ink display, which is just like reading a real book and it doesn't strain your eyes like reading on something like a tablet computer would do!

The only problem I really have with the Kindle is the Amazon Kindle Store, when you buy books it works on a '1-Click Buy' system, so if you accidently click the 'Buy' button it will automatically take payment out of your linked card with no confirmation, the only thing that does happen is the next screen after purchase that comes up has a link at the bottom that says something along the lines of 'have you made a mistake with this purchase, click here to cancel' and you can click that and it will cancel the order but you will have to wait for a refund which is irritating! All I did to kind of protect from mistakes is put a password on my Kindle so no one can go on it besides myself!

I also got a lovely blue case from eBay which has a special grip handle you can use to hold your Kindle a bit more comfortably which I bidded for and won for £3.70 (inc. P&P), and I got a e-Book reader reading light from Poundland for obviously £1 :P

I can't put it down at the moment, constantly reading! 

You can buy the Kindle:

Kindle Case:

Have you purchased an e-book reader before? Do you prefer it to paper books?



  1. is the title page of the books in colour? I dont know why but for some reason if it isnt (which I believe its not) puts me of them xx

  2. nooo it isn't cause it's exactly the same as a book, books aren't normally in colour either!