Friday, 23 December 2011

Collective Haul for December!

Thought I'd show you a few things I've purchased/received over this month, haven't really got loads recently so thought I'd show you the whole month between November and December.

Benefit Powda Wowza - Debenhams - £17.55 (10% off - RRP: £19.50)
I don't own any Benefit productas besides a 'realness of concealness' set I got for christmas when I was like 13! I know some people might think that's mad but Benefit's never really appealed to me with the insane prices! But I wanted to try their blushes and just couldn't bring myself to spend £23.50 on one blush, but I saw they did this set of 3 for £19.50, It's a very tiny box and the blushes are small but most blushes last forever anyway and it's a great way to try new blushes aswell! I absolutely love the smell of these, it's just gorgeous! I thought I'd really like Coralista (peachy toned one) but it doesn't show up all that well on my skin, Bella Bamba (pink toned one) is really pretty and the pigmentation is wonderful on my skin, not patchy like a lot of blushers I've used before and Hoola is the bronzer in this set and it's a lovely bronzer, I used it properly the other day and I really like it but it is quite a 'muddy' bronzer, so you have to be careful with it! The brush is pretty useless to me because I like full angled contour brushes to do my blush/bronzer, but meh, this will come in handy for travelling etc. This product has sold out in a lot of places online including Debenhams so I think it's quite popular! 

Burt's Bees Lip Balm Set - Gift from America from a relative! - $9.99? 
My nan actually bought this back from a trip to America for me, Thought I'd post it as it's a lovely little Lip Balm set, I've never tried anything from Burt's Bees before but my lips are in need of serious lip therapy this month as they are sooo dry! I love the little box that it comes in, really handy for storage for jewellery etc.! I think this was around the $10 mark so that's around £5 I think? Quite a bargain!

Mini Gold Crosses/Silver Peace Sign Earring Set - ASOS - £4.20 (30% off Grazia Code - RRP: £6.00)
Mainly wanted these for the mini crosses because I've mentioned in a previous post how I wanted some mini cross earrings like I saw in a Made In Chelsea episode on Caggie Dunlop, They do some in Urban Outfitters for £8 whereas with these they're cheaper PLUS you get another pair of earrings too so much more of a bargain! and free delivery!

Black Sparrow Wired Headband - Matalan - £4 (Gift for Xmas!)
This was the first of some gifts that one of my friends gave me for Christmas! I love these wired headbands, This one in particular has really nice kind of see through chiffony material which I think looks nicer than the normal cotton ones I have! Thank you to my friend Sophie :)

Peace Sign Studs - Matalan - £3.50 (Gift for Xmas!)
The second of my gifts from my friend Sophie, These are so pretty and the perfect size for me because I hate tiny studs and these definitely aren't tiny! 

Silver Disc Short Length Necklace - Matalan - £5 (Gift for Xmas!)
The last of my Christmas gifts from Sophie, This has to be one of the best gifts ever, I absolutely love this and can't stop wearing it ! She knows me well :) Sooo pretty and looks nice with high neck jumpers/tops :)

Evil Eye Ring/Bracelet Chain - eBay -  £3.18 (free p&p)
Purchased this from a seller in Hong Kong on eBay after seeing Chelsea post a blog about this, I originally bought the infamous Topshop Evil Eye ring which I had to return after wearing it ONCE because it went a horrible coppery colour and made my finger go green, really bad quality! It took about 2/3 weeks to get here which isn't bad considering it's coming from China! The bracelet did have these little jingly bells on it but it was doing my head in so I took them off haha! Thanks to Chelsea for finding this, apparently she spent ages browsing on eBay before she came across it! 

Boucle Slubby Sweat - Topshop - £28
My favourite purchase of the month! I really wanted a lovely jumper to wear Christmas Day, and I bought one from Topshop that I loveeeed but it stretched and got really baggy on the shoulders after wearing it once, so I had to return it! I then got a different jumper from Topshop which arrived and looked too baggy that it was just unflattering on me, and I'd been eyeing up this specific jumper for ages but it was always sold out online in my size and they didn't sell it in any stores close to me, then they finally had 1 in stock in my size online and I grabbed it! So glad I did as it arrived today (just in time for Christmas!) and It's gorgeous, so snuggly and warm!!!

Silver Hoops with Dangly Crosses - eBay - £2.30 (+ £2.55 p&p) (converted from $'s)
Got these from an american seller on eBay, I really wanted some hoops with dangly crosses on them and they had some from Urban Outfitters for £12 but I wasn't going to spend that much on some earrings so I browsed eBay and found these instead! They are quite tiny and only 1.5inch across but so pretty and really nice quality actually! 

Hope you enjoyed this post :)

Have a wonderful Christmas!



  1. wow good stuff!!!
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  2. Ohh you got the eye bracelet :) The bells annoy me to! I feel like a cat or something, I'm yet to take them off though.